Last updated: October 29, 2021

Summary of Candidate Election Expenses

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Registered Political Party Returns

Registered Political PartyReturn
Buffalo PartyAs reviewed
New Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
PC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Saskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Saskatchewan Liberal PartyAs reviewed
Saskatchewan PartyAs reviewed

Candidate Returns

ConstituencyCandidatePolitical Party AffiliationReturn
Arm RiverCam GoffNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Arm RiverSteve ForbesPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Arm RiverTiffany GiesbrechtSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Arm RiverDana SkoropadSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
AthabascaBuckley BelangerNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
AthabascaLeroy LaliberteSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
AthabascaKelly KwanSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
BatocheLon BorgersonNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
BatocheCarrie HarrisPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
BatocheHamish GrahamSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
BatocheDelbert KirschSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Biggar-Sask ValleyTrevor SimpsonBuffalo Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Biggar-Sask ValleyTwyla Harris NaciriNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Biggar-Sask ValleyDarcy RobilliardSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Biggar-Sask ValleyRandy WeekesSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
CanningtonWes SmithBuffalo Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
CanningtonDianne TwietmeyerNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
CanningtonJaina ForrestSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
CanningtonDaryl HarrisonSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Canora-PellyRobert HayesBuffalo Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Canora-PellyStacey StrykowskiNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Canora-PellyBreton GattingerSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Canora-PellyTerry DennisSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Carrot River ValleyRod McCorristonNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Carrot River ValleyGlen LesonPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Carrot River ValleyLiam BeckerSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Carrot River ValleyFred BradshawSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
CumberlandDoyle VermetteNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
CumberlandAaron OochooSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
CumberlandDarren DeschambeaultSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Cut Knife-TurtlefordRichard NelsonBuffalo Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Cut Knife-TurtlefordMatt FedlerNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Cut Knife-TurtlefordPatrick McNallySaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Cut Knife-TurtlefordRyan DomotorSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Cypress HillsCrystal TiringerBuffalo Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Cypress HillsKelly GenertNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Cypress HillsJohn GoohsenPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Cypress HillsDianna HoligroskiSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Cypress HillsDoug SteeleSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
EstevanPhillip Michael ZajacBuffalo Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
EstevanSeth LendrumNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
EstevanLinda SoppPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
EstevanScott MeyersSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
EstevanLori CarrSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Humboldt-WatrousConstance MaffenbeierBuffalo Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Humboldt-WatrousWendy SekulichNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Humboldt-WatrousRose BuschollPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Humboldt-WatrousJim TernierSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Humboldt-WatrousDonna HarpauerSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Indian Head-MilestoneJared ClarkeNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Indian Head-MilestoneElvin MandziakPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Indian Head-MilestoneBilly PattersonSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Indian Head-MilestoneDon McMorrisSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Kelvington-WadenaJustin ChrobotBuffalo Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Kelvington-WadenaLinda PatenaudeNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Kelvington-WadenaWayne W. MastrachukPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Kelvington-WadenaMelissa FletcherSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Kelvington-WadenaHugh NerlienSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
KindersleyJason R. CooperBuffalo Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
KindersleySteven AllenNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
KindersleyTerry J. SiebenPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
KindersleyEvangeline GodronSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
KindersleyKen FrancisSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Last Mountain-TouchwoodGordon BradfordBuffalo Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Last Mountain-TouchwoodThera NordalNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Last Mountain-TouchwoodVictor TeecePC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Last Mountain-TouchwoodJustin StranackSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Last Mountain-TouchwoodTravis KeisigSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
LloydminsterSteve GessnerBuffalo Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
LloydminsterColleen Morrell HenningNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
LloydminsterAudra KishSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
LloydminsterColleen YoungSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Lumsden-MorseLes GuilleminBuffalo Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Lumsden-MorseNic LewisNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Lumsden-MorseIsaiah HunterSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Lumsden-MorseLyle StewartSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Martensville-WarmanWade SiraBuffalo Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Martensville-WarmanCarla StreetonNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Martensville-WarmanMelvin PylypchukSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Martensville-WarmanTerry JensonSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Meadow LakeHarmonie KingNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Meadow LakeCarol VandaleSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Meadow LakeJeremy HarrisonSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
MelfortDavid WaldnerBuffalo Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
MelfortLorne SchroederNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
MelfortMatthew DiakuwSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
MelfortTodd GoudySaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Melville-SaltcoatsBonnie GalenzoskiNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Melville-SaltcoatsTrever RattiPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Melville-SaltcoatsJack PowlessSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Melville-SaltcoatsWarren KaedingSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Moose Jaw NorthKyle LichtenwaldNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Moose Jaw NorthNorth HunterSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Moose Jaw NorthTim McLeodSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Moose Jaw WakamowMelissa PattersonNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Moose Jaw WakamowDarcy JensenPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Moose Jaw WakamowAbby FirlotteSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Moose Jaw WakamowGreg LawrenceSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
MoosominKen BurtonNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
MoosominFrank SerfasPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
MoosominMarjorie GrahamSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
MoosominSteven BonkSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Prince Albert CarltonTroy ParenteauNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Prince Albert CarltonRenee GrasbyPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Prince Albert CarltonShirley DavisSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Prince Albert CarltonJoe HargraveSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Prince Albert NorthcoteNicole RancourtNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Prince Albert NorthcoteJaret NikolaisenPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Prince Albert NorthcoteSarah KraynickSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Prince Albert NorthcoteAlana RossSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Regina Coronation ParkNoor BurkiNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Regina Coronation ParkDavid CoatesPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Regina Coronation ParkIrene BrowatzkeSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Regina Coronation ParkMark DochertySaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Regina Douglas ParkNicole SarauerNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Regina Douglas ParkSara HealeyPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Regina Douglas ParkVictor LauSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Regina Douglas ParkNadeem NazSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Regina Elphinstone-CentreRolf HartloffIndependentAs reviewed
Regina Elphinstone-CentreMeara ConwayNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Regina Elphinstone-CentreDon KirkPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Regina Elphinstone-CentreNaomi HunterSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Regina Elphinstone-CentreCaesar KhanSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Regina Gardiner ParkFaycal HagguiNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Regina Gardiner ParkDavid TeecePC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Regina Gardiner ParkHelmi Scott UguhSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Regina Gardiner ParkGene MakowskySaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Regina LakeviewCarla BeckNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Regina LakeviewMichael WrightSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Regina LakeviewBruno SahutSaskatchewan Liberal PartyAs reviewed
Regina LakeviewMegan PattersonSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Regina NortheastYens PedersenNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Regina NortheastCorie RempelPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Regina NortheastAnthony MajoreSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Regina NortheastJeff WaltersSaskatchewan Liberal PartyAs reviewed
Regina NortheastGary GrewalSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Regina PasquaBhajan BrarNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Regina PasquaHarry FrankPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Regina PasquaHeather LauSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Regina PasquaMuhammad FiazSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Regina RochdaleBrett EsteyNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Regina RochdaleMurray MorhartPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Regina RochdaleSarah RiskSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Regina RochdaleLaura RossSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Regina RosemontTrent WotherspoonNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Regina RosemontChris McCullochPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Regina RosemontJames ParkSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Regina RosemontAlex NauSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Regina UniversityAleana YoungNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Regina UniversityDebbie KnillPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Regina UniversityTanner WallaceSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Regina UniversityTina Beaudry-MellorSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Regina Walsh AcresSandra MorinIndependentAs reviewed
Regina Walsh AcresKelly HardyNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Regina Walsh AcresKen GreyPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Regina Walsh AcresDerek MeyersSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Regina Wascana PlainsNestor MryglodIndependentAs reviewed
Regina Wascana PlainsMike SinclairNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Regina Wascana PlainsSonja DoyleSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Regina Wascana PlainsChristine TellSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Rosetown-ElroseBrenda EdelNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Rosetown-ElroseAdrian JanssensPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Rosetown-ElroseJustina RobinsonSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Rosetown-ElroseJim ReiterSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Rosthern-ShellbrookTrina MillerNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Rosthern-ShellbrookYvonne ChoquettePC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Rosthern-ShellbrookLarry NeufeldSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Rosthern-ShellbrookScott MoeSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Saskatchewan RiversFred LackieBuffalo Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Saskatchewan RiversLyle WhitefishNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Saskatchewan RiversShaun HarrisPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Saskatchewan RiversMarcia NeaultSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Saskatchewan RiversNadine WilsonSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon CentreBetty Nippi-AlbrightNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Saskatoon CentreRaven ReidSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon CentreKim GroffSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon Churchill-WildwoodDave McGraneNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Saskatoon Churchill-WildwoodJohn LowePC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Saskatoon Churchill-WildwoodGillian WalkerSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon Churchill-WildwoodLisa LambertSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon EastviewMatt LoveNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Saskatoon EastviewJan NorrisSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon EastviewChris GuéretteSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon EastviewDarryl Cooper (Withdrawn)Saskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon FairviewVicki MowatNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Saskatoon FairviewTony OllenbergerPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Saskatoon FairviewTobi-Dawne SmithSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon FairviewManny SadhraSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon MeewasinRyan MeiliNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Saskatoon MeewasinJacklin AndrewsSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon MeewasinRylund HunterSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon NorthwestGillian StrangeNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Saskatoon NorthwestMaria KrznarSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon NorthwestGordon WyantSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon NutanaErika RitchieNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Saskatoon NutanaAlbert ChubakSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon NutanaKyle MazerSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon RiversdaleAshlee HicksNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Saskatoon RiversdaleDelanie PasserSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon RiversdaleMarv FriesenSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon Silverspring-SutherlandTajinder GrewalNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Saskatoon Silverspring-SutherlandJaime FairleySaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon Silverspring-SutherlandPaul MerrimanSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon SoutheastPamela BeaudinNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Saskatoon SoutheastCheryl MazilSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon SoutheastDon MorganSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon Stonebridge-DakotaBrett GreggBuffalo Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Saskatoon Stonebridge-DakotaJudicaël MoukoumiNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Saskatoon Stonebridge-DakotaLydia MartensSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon Stonebridge-DakotaBronwyn EyreSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon UniversityJennifer BowesNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Saskatoon UniversityErickka PatmoreSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon UniversityEric OlausonSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon WestviewMalik DrazNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Saskatoon WestviewGlenn WrightSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon WestviewRobert RudachykSaskatchewan Liberal PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon WestviewDavid BuckinghamSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon WillowgroveKaitlyn HarveyNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Saskatoon WillowgroveDavid GreenfieldSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Saskatoon WillowgroveKen CheveldayoffSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Swift CurrentStefan RumpelNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Swift CurrentGeorge WatsonSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Swift CurrentEverett T HindleySaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
The BattlefordsAmber StewartNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
The BattlefordsHarry ZamonskyPC Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
The BattlefordsJoey ReynoldsSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
The BattlefordsJeremy CockrillSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Weyburn-Big MuddyCollin KeithBuffalo Party of SaskatchewanAs reviewed
Weyburn-Big MuddyRegan LanningNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Weyburn-Big MuddyShane CaellaighSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Weyburn-Big MuddyDustin DuncanSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
Wood RiverRoger MorganNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
Wood RiverKimberly Soo GoodtrackSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
Wood RiverDavid MaritSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed
YorktonCarter J. AntoineNew Democratic Party (N.D.P.)As reviewed
YorktonJudy MergelSaskatchewan Green PartyAs reviewed
YorktonGreg OttenbreitSaskatchewan PartyAs reviewed