Historically, by-election turnout in Saskatchewan has been lower than during general elections. There are a variety of potential reasons for this and it is not unique to Saskatchewan. Voter turnout as a percentage of registered voters is presented below.

ConstituencyEvent% of Registered Voters who Voted
Regina Northeast2018 By-Election40.0%
2020 General Election58.3%
Kindersley2018 By-Election32.5%
2020 General Election57.9%
Melfort2018 By-Election34.5%
2020 General Election57.5%
Swift Current2018 By-Election42.5%
2020 General Election57.1%
Saskatoon Fairview2017 By-Election35.9%
2020 General Election47.1%
Saskatoon Meewasin2017 By-Election40.6%
2020 General Election56.3%
Lloydminster2014 By-Election40%
2020 General Election30.5%
Saskatoon Northwest2010 By-Election56%
2020 General Election60.1%
Regina Douglas Park2009 By-Election62%
2020 General Election46%
Saskatoon Riversdale2009 By-Election56%
2020 General Election46%

For more information on how our understanding of voter turnout needs to change to account for changes in voter registration methods, click here to read an op-ed published by the Chief Electoral Officer.