Elections Saskatchewan requires our employees to be non-partisan. This means not engaging in political activity at the provincial or federal level. Examples of partisan behaviour include:

  • Being a member of a provincial or federal political party
  • Working for a federal or provincial political party
  • Campaigning for a candidate running to be a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA)
  • Donating money to a federal or provincial political party, constituency association or candidate
  • Organizing, participating in, or attending a political fundraising event
  • Publicly voicing or expressing your support of a registered political party or candidate.
    • such as speaking at a public forum, placing a lawn sign on your residence, “liking” a social media post or “re-tweeting” comments on Twitter.
  • Publicly expressing your political views in print media (letters to the editor) or social media (writing blogs, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Instagram photos or images)