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Advanced Voting 

Elections SK    Elections SK  Elections SK     

Elections SK     Elections SK   

Printing 1.1 million ballots across Saskatchewan

Elections SK   Elections SK   Elections SK      

Dr. Michael Boda, Chief Electoral Officer of Saskatchewan, signs the 61 writs of election on March 8. Joining him was Sandra Benson, Returning Officer for Regina University. 


   Elections SK Writ Signing    

Click here to download video of Chief Electoral Officer, Michael Boda signing the writ. 

Simulated Voting 

    Elections SK Ballot Box   Voting Ballot Box   

Elections SK and CIVIX launch the Student Vote Program in Saskatchewan


Election day bookmarks distributed to libraries 


Returning offices


Election officials packaging material in our warehouse


Voting place signage in the warehouse ready to go for April 4


Canadian Citizenship Ceremony in Regina and Saskatoon February 

      Citizenship Ceremony

Training our Field Leadership Team

Training Field Staff    Training Field Staff   Training Field Staff