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Register to vote

Just turned 18? First-time voter? With the next provincial election just months away, now is the time to become interested in democracy and voting. Short on time these days? Registering now to vote makes voting faster, saving you time.

Who can vote?

To vote in the 2024 Saskatchewan provincial election you must be:

  • a Canadian citizen
  • at least 18 years old
  • a Saskatchewan resident

Learn more about voter eligibility

Voter ID Requirements

Before you are handed a ballot at a voting place, you must show the election worker ID that confirms your name and address.

Learn more about ID options

Happy 18th Birthday!

Chief Electoral Officer Dr. Michael Boda sends a birthday card to all Saskatchewan residents for their 18th birthday. It’s a reminder that once you turn 18, you are eligible to vote. Our data shows us that people aged 18 – 24 are registered in lower numbers than all other age groups. We’re trying to change that. The first step is to register!

A sample of the birthday card

How does government impact your everyday?

Learn about the three levels of government

“Be Vote Ready” A high school classroom activity

Elections Saskatchewan partners with the Democratic Engagement Exchange to offer Be Vote Ready, a short, 10-15 minute activity that prepares students to vote including how to register and get on the voters list.

Learn more about the program and download classroom materials

“Your Voice Matters” An elementary school program

Elections Saskatchewan partners with the Diefenbaker Canada Centre (DCC) to bring the Your Voice Matters program to Grade 4 to 8 students. Through interactive activities, students learn about elections, voting and informed citizenship. For more information and to register, contact [email protected].

Visit Your Voice Matters website