Since 2015, Elections Saskatchewan (ESK) has maintained a register of voters that is used each election to ensure voter information cards are mailed to the correct people, at the correct address, to make voting more convenient. A register of voters is an administrative tool, used to reduce the time that voters spend at a voting place. This register is also used each election to create the voter lists that facilitate the administration of an electoral event. This information is continuously updated, either by voters themselves online, or through information sharing agreements with other organizations including Elections Canada and eHealth.

What kind of data is it?
The information provided to ESK is for persons 16 years and older and consists of:

What is this data used for?
This data is used by ESK to prepare, maintain and revise the register of voters.

Is this register of voters or the process for how it’s maintained unusual in Canada?
No, the process of preparing, maintaining and updating Saskatchewan’s Register of Voters is conducted using the best practices of Canada’s other election management bodies. The information sharing agreements that ESK has in place with other organizations are modelled after Elections Canada and other provincial election management bodies.

From whom does ESK get the data for register of voters?
ESK currently only receives data from Elections Canada and eHealth.

How does ESK maintain the security and privacy of the register of voters?
ESK uses secure means of transmitting files between our data sharing partners. This data is stored behind a firewall and on secured servers.

Why is a register of voters needed?
Just because your name is on the voters list does not mean you are eligible to vote. Voters attending a voting place in Saskatchewan for provincial election must provide ID before being issued ballot. A register of voters is an administrative tool, used to reduce the time that voters spend at a voting place. Without a register, voters would need to register at the voting place for each election, just as they do during Saskatchewan’s municipal elections.

How can I be removed from the register of voters?
To remove your information from Saskatchewan’s Register of Voters, please complete this form R-701 and return to ESK.