General election and by-election returns

Returns are provided in PDF format with scanned returns from individual candidates and registered political parties.

For the 2016 general election, PDF summaries are available for each constituency.

Candidate and party returns for general elections

Candidate and party election expense returns for recent general elections.

Candidate and party returns for by-elections

Candidate and party election expense returns for by-elections in Regina Northeast, Kindersley, Melfort, Saskatoon, Swift Current.

Fiscal period returns

Scanned returns from registered political parties are published in PDF format. For recent returns, information on donations and contributions is provided in HTML for viewing in a web browser as well as CSV format for download.

New March 27, 2020: Due to the ongoing interruptions caused by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Elections SK will not be holding registered political parties to the April 30, 2020 deadline for submission of audited annual returns. An updated deadline will be provided once the restrictions on social gathering and physical distancing are lifted.

Registered political party’s fiscal period returns

Annual financial returns including donations and contributions.