Application period open!

Voting by mail is a convenient, safe, and secure alternative to voting in person. Applications for voting by mail in the next provincial election, set for October 28, 2024, are now being accepted at Elections Saskatchewan.

How do you vote by mail? Read this poster or watch this video.

How safe and secure is voting by mail? Watch this video.

Voting by mail is a two-step process.

Step 1. Apply online

Vote by mail ballots are not automatically mailed to every voter. You must apply for one and provide a copy of your ID with your application. Click here for acceptable ID.

Or apply by phone or mail

Phone 1-833-419-0141 and a person will help you. Or complete this form and email, mail, or deliver in person to Elections Saskatchewan:

#301-3303 Hillsdale Street
Regina, Saskatchewan
Canada S4S 6W9
[email protected]

Step 2. Complete your ballot kit

If your application is accepted, a ballot kit will be mailed to your residence as soon as the writs of election have been issued. Follow the instructions carefully. When completed, mail the ballot kit back to Elections Saskatchewan before the last day to vote.