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Voter registration

Click here to register to vote. Eligible voters can also register in person when they go to vote during an election.

What you need to vote

Here’s what to know before casting a ballot in an election.

Who can vote & ID requirements

What happens inside a voting place

Electoral Events

By-elections were held August 10, 2023 in Regina Coronation Park, Lumsden-Morse and Regina Walsh Acres. The next provincial general election is scheduled for October 28, 2024.

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Are you a first-time voter? Or just turned 18? Here is what you need to know.

We’re building collaborative relationships across Saskatchewan.

Anyone who is a new Canadian citizen is eligible to vote.

More Information for Voters

Voter Registration Month

The Government of Saskatchewan proclaimed May as Voter Registration Month.

Saskatchewan’s Register of Voters

Elections Saskatchewan maintains a register of voters that is used each election.