In 2017, Elections Saskatchewan released “Sustaining. Leading. Modernizing. Advancing Electoral Excellence in Saskatchewan. A Strategic Plan for Elections Saskatchewan 2017-2022“. This strategic plan sets the stage for a modernization of electoral services never seen before in Saskatchewan.

Elections Saskatchewan has built its plan within this context:

Our Hope and Dream for Saskatchewan. The people of Saskatchewan trust, value and participate in their democracy.

Elections Saskatchewan knows that election management impacts everyone in the province and that we play an integral role in ensuring the integrity of democratic processes within the province. It is our duty to contribute to this larger vision in our work and actions.


A renewed vision for Elections Saskatchewan puts forward a challenge towards continued improvement and recognized leadership in election management:


We are a leader in establishing and refining best practice in election management.

Elections Saskatchewan’s vision supports our desire to ensure that the people of Saskatchewan trust the electoral process. We have earned the respect of our provincial stakeholders, including the voting public, political parties, candidates, the media and others. We are highly regarded by our institutional partners and election management bodies in jurisdictions within and outside the boundaries of Saskatchewan. We now leverage our learning, strengths and capacity toward leadership in election management, enhanced public trust and a push towards electoral excellence.


Elections Saskatchewan espouses the following values in all that it does:

Professionalism: We demand the highest standards in our performance.

Impartiality: We are objective, fair and non-partisan.

Innovation: We seek solutions that will propel us toward electoral modernization.

Service: We go above and beyond to meet the needs of our stakeholders and the legislative requirements of election management.

Accountability: We earn the trust of the people of Saskatchewan through commitment to legislation, standards and best practice in election management.


The role and mission of Elections Saskatchewan is:

Elections Saskatchewan is an independent office of the Legislative Assembly, created to plan, organize, deliver and regulate provincial electoral events for the people of Saskatchewan.

Elections Saskatchewan is aware that an election management body exists primarily to prepare, administer, and conduct the full range of electoral events that are defined in provincial election legislation, including general elections, by-elections, referenda, plebiscites, boundary redistributions and voter enumeration. Our mission is clear, concise and contained.