This voters guide explains the basics of voting in Saskatchewan.
It highlights why be-elections happen, who can vote, how to register, what happens voting day, and much more.
We’ve made it more accessible by producing it in six different languages.
It can be read in large print format, and listened to in an audio version.

Voters Guide in:

Large print version

Audio version


Accessible voting places

Before we choose a location for a voting place, we work through an accessibility checklist to ensure the location is accessible for all.
Things we look at include:
  • designated parking for people with a physical disability
  • paved, smooth, continuous walking surfaces
  • distance from parking to the voting place entrance
  • sufficient lighting at night
  • clear, prevalent signage
  • access ramps, if needed, with handrails, non-slip surface and minimal slope
  • clearance of doors and passages
  • adequate heating or air conditioning
  • wheelchair accessible washrooms
  • magnifying glasses and ballot templates on hand if needed