February 9, 2017 – Saskatchewan is now home to another 149 Canadian citizens.

Two citizenship ceremonies were held in Saskatoon today. Dr. Michael Boda, Chief Electoral Officer of Saskatchewan, participated in the morning event at the Frances Morrison Library and congratulated each new citizen.

“Today begins a new chapter in life for these new Canadian citizens,” says Dr. Boda. “Over the course of my life, I have had the privilege of working and living in many other countries. While there are many wonderful places in our world, my time abroad has only reinforced for me that Canadian citizenship is one of the greatest privileges and responsibilities that any person can ever receive.”

Citizenship ceremonies are organized throughout the year across the country by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. In the 2016 calendar year, 6,063 individuals obtained citizenship and who resided in Saskatchewan.

“The right to vote is a fundamental right of citizenship. I encourage all new Canadians who are Saskatchewan residents to cast their ballot in future elections, and to become even more involved by offering their time as an election worker,” Dr. Boda said.

Elections Saskatchewan is the province’s independent, impartial, professional election management body. Given a mandate from the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly, it organizes, manages and oversees provincial electoral events. Find information for voters, workers, media, candidates and parties at www.elections.sk.ca.


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