Updates & Key Dates

Transition to 30th Electoral Cycle Communique

For an election management body, there is never a crystal-clear transition where work on one election ends and work on the next begins. There is always considerable overlap closing out one event while preparing for the next (or even the one after that).

Yet you may have noticed that this Communique has been tagged as “Issue One” of a new edition focused on Saskatchewan’s 30th electoral cycle. While most of my recent communications to you have been dedicated to the Athabasca by-election, before that, my Communiques were still branded for the 29th electoral cycle. As of today, I am formally transitioning to a focus on our next event, scheduled for October 2024. We will, of course, continue to finalize the close down of our 2020 event – including publishing Volume III, Statement of Expenditures and Volume IV, Chief Electoral Officer’s Recommendations for Legislative Reform in the coming months. But, as we transition into fiscal year 2022-2023, my Communiques will increasingly focus on the 30th General Election.

Voters List – Annual Update

An update to the list of voters is now available. This list has been placed onto our FTP sharing site and also includes all changes made during the Athabasca by-election. If you would like a Final List of Electors specifically for the constituency of Athabasca, contact Jordan Arendt, Director of IT, at [email protected]

If you have questions on how to access this data or if you have forgotten your login credentials, you should also contact Jordan.

Key Dates

A reminder to ensure that you are aware of these upcoming key dates:

  • Monday, May 2 – Deadline for registered political parties to file their annual election expense return
  • Monday, May 16 – Deadline for candidates to file their by-election expense return
  • Monday, August 15 – Deadline for registered political parties to file their election expense return for the Athabasca by-election

“Save the Date” – RPP Meeting scheduled for June 14

Finally, a quick “save the date” message for our annual registered political party meeting. My plan is that we will host this meeting in-person for the first time in two years. Details on a location and agenda to come later but for now, please reserve Tuesday, June 14 on your calendar.


Dr. Michael Boda
Chief Electoral Office
Province of Saskatchewan