The Trainer position is responsible for delivering in-person, scenario-based training for election workers. This training includes both technology-based processes and paper-based processes. Trainers are dedicated to working in the weeks before voting starts to deliver multiple training sessions to front-line election workers. The role requires that applicants be able to lift 9kg (20 pounds) and access to a vehicle and a valid driver’s license (class 5) is required, as travel within the constituency may be required.


  • Study election and training material and gain in-depth knowledge of all procedures and exceptional situations at voting locations.
  • Plan and organize a workable class schedule, which takes into consideration the large number of election workers that will need to be trained. This will include scheduling classes during the day, evenings, and on weekends, while also planning for the appropriate size of each class and determining the local venues where staff can attend their training.
  • Develop training schedule for all workers in the constituency in conjunction with Returning Officer
  • Prepare for classroom training sessions, following the approved training program created by Elections Saskatchewan, while also setting up the classroom in a prescribed manner, preparing supplies and materials for distribution, and cleaning up after each session
  • Monitor the completion of online training taken by election workers before classroom training, following up individuals who have not completed online training before their scheduled classroom session.
  • Evaluate attendees and communicate any concerns about attendees to the Returning Officer

Specific Skills:

  • Comfortable with public speaking and providing adult education.
  • Have a strong familiarity with computer systems and related technologies, including:
    • Proficiency working in Microsoft Windows
    • Proficiency with Microsoft PowerPoint as a presentation platform
    • Aptitude working with Internet-based software and applications, and
    • Ability to troubleshoot issues relating to computers and electronic equipment.
  • Ability to learn new concepts quickly and develop high level understanding of electoral events.
  • Comfortable with technology and teaching about using equipment such as laptops and tabulator machines.
  • Formal education or experience with giving training sessions.
  • Competent in the use of PowerPoint as a presentation platform.