Supervisory Deputy Returning Officers (SDROs) provide top-level supervision at voting locations by overseeing all election workers, ensuring that voting procedures are running smoothly, and addressing any problems that arise at the voting locations.


  • Preparing the voting locations for the election (inspecting the voting place; arranging access and receiving keys – in advance of the first day of voting
  • Contacting election workers prior to the first day of voting and to confirm shift assignments
  • Supervising the voting place set-up and testing the technology to ensure it is working
  • Calling in to the Returning Office to confirm the voting location is ready to receive voters
  • Supervising voting place activities and the quality of work completed by other election officers
  • Managing candidate representatives (scrutineers)
  • Tracking and distributing ballots to voting stations as required throughout voting
  • Acting as the first level of support if troubleshooting technology is required
  • Providing assistance to voters
  • Maintaining peace and order in the voting place
  • Removing material from the voting place for return to the returning office
  • Compiling information from the unofficial count onto the Statement of Vote and reporting results to the Returning Officer
  • Supervise polling place take down and packing electronic equipment

 Specific Skills:

  • Demonstrated proficiency and capability with troubleshooting computers, printers, and other electronic equipment, including:
    • Familiarity with troubleshooting basic problems that may be experienced by users,
    • Providing support over the phone on various software systems, and
    • Taking on additional training with software and equipment to support election officers
  • Proficient with troubleshooting equipment, solving common problems with technology, and providing support to workers at the office or at voting locations
  • Able to execute sound judgement when dealing with complex issues and problems in the voting location
  • Prior experience with managing small teams and addressing performance issues
  • Good interpersonal communication skills and ability to deal with the public
  • Able to work for long stretches of time (up to 13 hours) and maintain focus