Elections Saskatchewan is led under the direction of the Chief Electoral Officer. The Returning Officer position is an integral part of the Field Leadership Team under the Operations Service Line and reports to the Director of Electoral Operations. The Returning Officer (RO) serves as the legislated election official within the constituency responsible for the administration, conduct and reporting of electoral events (general elections, by-elections, referendums and plebiscites). The RO will consistently demonstrate the values of Elections Saskatchewan in carrying out the responsibilities of this position.


RO responsibilities relate primarily to the management of electoral processes and people while conducting the electoral event within their constituency. They will administer the event under the guidance of senior management to manage, recruit and train office and election workers; and liaise with candidates, candidate representatives and members of the public. Returning Officers are responsible to manage assigned priorities to strict timelines. Specific duties include:

Office Management and Administration

  • Establish a returning office through the selection, leasing and setting up of an office.
  • Accountable for the day-to-day operations of the returning office.
  • Provide Elections Saskatchewan and the appropriate Supervisory Returning Officer (SRO) with
    periodic reports as directed by Operation management.
  • Participate in orientation, training sessions, workshops and information sessions provided by
    Elections Saskatchewan.
  • Find conveniently located and accessible venues (polling places) to facilitate voting on Election Day
    and at Advance Polls.
  • Receive candidate nomination papers and election finance documents.
  • Demonstrate impartiality, ensure candidates and political parties are provided with all information
    and documentation to which they are entitled.
  • Ensure that systems are in place within the returning office to accurately and efficiently respond to
    inquiries from the public, voters and candidates.
  • Keep senior management and SROs informed of all problems, situations and concerns that require
    immediate attention involving candidates, political parties, the media and matters of safety.
  • Understands the needs of voters with disabilities and ensures availability of alternative voting
    options as directed by legislation.

Project and Process Management

  • Execute all plans and preparation for electoral events held within the constituency.
  • Accountable for the election process detail and the prescriptive legal requirements for administering
    the election processes.
  • Provide a copy of the Voters List to nominated candidates and for use at the Polls.
  • Following direction from Elections Saskatchewan, responsible to organize and carry out voting at
    advance, mobile, hospital, homebound and absentee polls, as well as Election Day voting.
  • Comply with election legislation and regulations.

Communications and Public Relations

  • Appropriately and impartially communicate election information to voters, the public, candidates,
    political parties, the SRO and Elections Saskatchewan Head Office.
  • Handle all public concerns and voter inquiries in a sensitive and professional manner. Redirect
    concerns and enquiries to appropriate head office positions when it falls outside RO areas of
  • Write clear and concise e-mails, incident reports and other documents to be sent to Elections
    Saskatchewan Head Office.

Financial Management

  • Manage returning office/constituency expenditures in accordance with Elections Saskatchewan’s
  • Account for constituency spending on personnel, office, polling locations, furniture and supplies.

People Management

  • Hire supervise, direct and motivate returning office personnel. Establish a productive team work
    environment with a strong service orientation.
  • Hire, train (or arrange for training), direct and motivate up to 200 election workers in accordance
    with The Election Act, 1996 and as required by Elections Saskatchewan Head Office.
  • Assign responsibilities to the Election Clerk (EC) and other office workers ensuring appropriate work
    quality and timeliness. Hold people accountable to Elections Saskatchewan’s values.
  • Plan and organize training sessions for election workers to learn the relevant election processes.
  • Arrange for a trainer to deliver training using the established processes and standards.


  • Use GIS technology to review the constituency polling divisions in accordance with established
    criteria and provisions of The Election Act, 1996.
  • Use Elections Saskatchewan’s election management information systems to organize, manage and
    report on elections activities.
  • Be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office and Outlook to perform office administration and
    communication functions.
  • Be comfortable using electronic communication methods (conference calls, email, internet,
    skype/facetime) to communicate with Head Office, management and fellow returning officers.


  • Recommend process improvements to increase the efficiency of returning office operations and
    electoral event procedures.
  • Leads the implementation of changes in processes and/or procedures in a professional, respectful
    manner using change management techniques.
  • Participate in election event debriefing.
  • Implement security measures as required for the protection of information, assets, staff and the
    public at the returning office and polling locations.
  • Be responsible for the receipt, verification, assembly, distribution and retrieval of electoral
  • Attend a judicial recount if applicable.