Returning Office Field Tech Resources (Field Techs) work out of returning offices and are responsible for preparing equipment such as laptops and tabulators to be sent to technologically enabled polls in the constituency, and travel to voting locations to resolve technical issues as they arise.


Under the guidance of the Returning Officer, the Field Tech will:

  • Monitor and troubleshoot electronics and software programs used at voting locations
  • Prepare equipment such as laptops, handheld scanners, and ballot counting machines to be sent to polls, and load software and files
  • Support the trainer in completing classroom training
  • Validate and update the image installed on all epoll-books
  • Participate in and support logic and accuracy testing on vote counting equipment
  • Coordinate the delivery of all technology – either sending the equipment with election officers working at voting locations, transporting the required equipment personally, or arranging couriers to transport the equipment
  • Provide technical support for epoll books and tabulators on voting days, by phone or in person

Specific Skills:

  • Demonstrated proficiency and capability with troubleshooting computers, printers, and other electronic equipment, including:
    • Familiarity with troubleshooting basic problems that may be experienced by users,
    • Providing support over the phone on various software systems, and
    • Taking on additional training with software and equipment to support election officers.
  • Proficient with troubleshooting equipment, solving common problems with technology, and providing support to workers at the office or at voting locations
  • Skilled at actively listening regarding problems, and communicating clearly about potential solutions
  • Ability to stay calm and
  • Well organized, able to complete tasks promptly and accurately, and manage time effectively