September 27, 2021 – Earlier today, Elections Saskatchewan tabled Administrative Review, Volume II in A Report on the Twenty-Ninth General Election in the Legislative Assembly.

“Our Administrative Review offers a detailed look at how our last election was conducted – based on two key sources of data – in-person observations of election activities and extensive survey research,” says Dr. Michael Boda, Chief Electoral Officer of Saskatchewan. “It contains a wealth of information about how the election was administered – what we did well but also what areas we can improve upon from an administrative perspective.”

In response to the data and information gathered within the Administrative Review, the Chief Electoral Officer commits Elections Saskatchewan to pursuing a number of administrative changes and improvements in advance of the province’s next general election, scheduled for October 2024. A summary of these commitments can be found on pages 20 and 21 of the volume, with more detail provided in Chapter 5.

“This assessment concludes that, by and large, Elections Saskatchewan effectively administered our last general election, despite some extremely challenging conditions presented during the worldwide pandemic,” says Dr. Boda.  “I am proud of what the more than 11,000 people from our province achieved, and we look forward to reporting our progress on the administrative commitments offered in this publication following our next general election.”

The volume can be found here:

Elections Saskatchewan will produce four volumes documenting the 2020 general election:

  • Volume I. Statement of Votes (released on July 17, 2021);
  • Volume II. Administrative Review (the current volume);
  • Volume III. Statement of Expenditures;
  • Volume IV. Chief Electoral Officer’s Recommendations for Legislative Reform.

Elections Saskatchewan (ESK) is the province’s nonpartisan election management body and an independent office of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan. ESK directs and supervises the administration of provincial electoral events. Information for voters, workers, media, candidates, and parties at

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