November 30, 2017 – Volume III in A Report on the Twenty-Eighth General Election was released today by the Chief Electoral Officer for the Province of Saskatchewan.

The volume reports on the financial costs of administering the 2016 general election. It includes a summary of all the costs of planning, preparing and administering, as well as reimbursement expenses provided to eligible registered political parties and candidates.

“The 28th General Election marks the first instance where Elections Saskatchewan has tracked event-related expenses through all four years of an electoral cycle, a practice that provides a more accurate and complete disclosure of the full costs of administering a provincial election,” says Dr. Michael Boda, Chief Electoral Officer of Saskatchewan and head of Elections Saskatchewan.

“Election costs reported for previous provincial elections in Saskatchewan were associated with only those costs that were incurred once election period activities began. The changed accounting method provides greater transparency regarding the significant expenditures that are associated with each provincial election, and sets a baseline for future election cost comparisons. This new approach is considered an international best practice in election cost accounting.”

The report can be found here: in both large and smaller file versions.

The fourth and final volume for post-election reporting consists of:

  • Volume IV. Recommendations for Legislative Reform

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