From: Dr. Michael Boda

Chief Electoral Officer

Province of Saskatchewan


Date: November 20, 2015
To: Chief Official Agents

Registered Political Parties of Saskatchewan


Re: Update on Several Topics  


While I have certainly heard from a number of you in recent weeks, it has been some time since I have sent along an official communique. I have no doubt that you are all extremely busy with election preparations.  Following are a number of updates for you.

  • Absentee Voter Applications Available: First, I would like to draw your attention to the absentee ballot application forms now available on our website. While the application form can be submitted any time between now and March 28, ballots will not be mailed out until the writ is dropped. For more information, or to make the form available to interested individuals, you can visit our website at: I have attached a copy of the application form to this communication.
  • Preliminary Voters List Distribution: When we met back on September 15, there were questions as to when the preliminary voters list would be available in relation to the issuance of the writs of election. I can now tell you that we plan on delivering the preliminary list of voters to you on March 1, regardless of the date the writs are issued. If these plans change, I will contact you immediately.
  • Commissioner of Oaths Requirement: Also stemming from the September 15 meeting was a question as to whether it was necessary to have the E-293 and E-295 forms signed by a Commissioner of Oaths. Having considered this question and consulted with my legal counsel, I believe that it remains necessary to have these forms signed by a commissioner of oaths. As you will know, we have had conversation and discussions around the issue of data security and information on voters lists over the past several months. The voters list is an important document that must be protected by those who receive it and as such, the requirement for the forms to be signed by a commissioner of oaths is necessary.
  • Minor Updates to Polling Division Maps: Our team has been continuing to refine polling division maps. A number of minor changes have been made, the majority of which are updated roads and street names. There were several very minor changes to polling division boundaries. All of these updated maps have been posted to our website. I am attaching a log that includes all changes that have been made. If you have questions, contact Jordan Arendt, Director of IT, at [email protected] or 306.787.5768.


On the issue of birthdates and the provision of information on the voters lists, I am continuing my due diligence. As outlined in my last communique to you, I will issue a formal response before the end of the calendar year on this matter.


All the best,