The nomination period for the Saskatoon Meewasin by-election has closed. Please see below for a list of officially nominated candidates and a few other important items.

Officially Nominated Candidates

At 2 p.m. today the nomination period came to a close. The list of officially nominated candidates and their respective political parties is as follows:

  • Ryan Meili, New Democratic Party (N.D.P.)
  • David Prokopchuk, P.C. Party of Sask.
  • Shawn Setyo, Saskatchewan Green Party
  • Darrin Lamoureux, Saskatchewan Liberal Party
  • Brent Penner, Saskatchewan Party

At this point, I want to draw your attention to the fact that, during a by-election, there is no legislative provision for a candidate who resides outside of the constituency to be added to the voters list or to cast a ballot. This differs from a general election where the candidate as well as their spouse and dependents are able to vote (and be added to the voters list) under Section 16(5) of The Election Act, 1996. That section of the Act is only applicable during a general election.

Voters List Update Available February 22

The voters list that will be used in the election will be available to you on Wednesday, February 22. The process whereby you receive this list will the same as was used for the preliminary list – if you have a user account for our FTP site, the list will be posted in PDF and CSV format for you to download. If you do not have a user account or if you cannot remember your login/password, please contact Son Lu, IT Analyst, at [email protected] or 306.533.9982.

By-Election Innovations – E-Transfers for Election Workers

Despite our best efforts, it has not been possible to finalize requirements with the Ministry of Finance to pay election workers using e-transfers. Given this, we have decided to revert to our traditional payment methods for the by-election (paper cheques mailed to workers). We remain committed to implementing this (or a similar) process before the next general election.

Returning Office Closed for Family Day

As the election calendar you were provided on February 3 shows, the returning office will be closed on Monday, February 20 for Family Day. Our head office in Regina will also be closed, but should any of you require immediate assistance on that day, please email Jennifer Colin at [email protected] or 306.520.4705.

Thanks again for your attention to these important matters. Please contact my office if you have questions or concerns.

Dr. Michael Boda
Chief Electoral Officer
Province of Saskatchewan

For additional information on the Saskatoon Meewasin by-election, including a link to all CEO Communiques, visit