The nomination period for the Saskatoon Fairview by-election has come to a close. Please see below for the list of officially nominated candidates and other items of interest.

Officially Nominated Candidates

At 2 p.m. today the nomination period ended. The list of officially nominated candidates and their respective political parties is as follows:

  • New Democratic Party, Saskatchewan Section – Vicki Mowat
  • Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan – David Prokopchuk
  • Saskatchewan Green Party – Taylor Bolin
  • Saskatchewan Liberal Association – Shah Rukh
  • Saskatchewan Party – Cameron Scott

As was the case during the Saskatoon Meewasin by-election, I want to once again draw your attention to the fact that, during a by-election, there is no legislative provision for a candidate who resides outside of the constituency to be added to the voters list or to cast a ballot. This differs from a general election where the candidate as well as their spouse and dependents are able to vote (and be added to the voters list) under Section 16(5) of The Election Act, 1996. That section of the Act is only applicable during a general election.

Homebound Voting Brochure

I have attached an electronic copy of a new homebound voting brochure to this communique. Titled Voting from Home, the pamphlet includes information on eligibility, how to apply, as well as key dates for homebound voting during the Saskatoon Fairview by-election. If you would like hard copies of this pamphlet, there are some available at the Returning Office or you can email Richard Hall at [email protected] and he will send them to you.

On the topic of homebound voting, I will just reiterate that all homebound applications must be submitted to Elections Saskatchewan by the voter or a family member/caregiver. If you, your candidates, or their representatives make contact with an individual who wishes to learn more about homebound voting, please provide the contact information of our returning office. If necessary, we will have a messenger drive to the individual’s home to drop off and pick up applications.

Saskatoon Fairview By-Election Homepage

If you have not visited the landing page for the Saskatoon Fairview by-election, I would encourage you to do so. Located at the site includes all material relevant to the by-election and is updated continuously. We recently added a one-page Voters Checklist to the site – you’ll see that it has been translated into several other languages. For your convenience, I have attached the English version of the Voters Checklist to this communique.

Voters List Update Available August 31

The voters list that will be used in the election will be available for download on Thursday, August 31. The process remains the same – you can use our FTP site to download the file in PDF or CSV format.

Maximum Number of Polling Stations – Exception

The Election Act, 1996 offers clear instruction on the composition of polling stations and locations. At times, operationalizing those instructions in the facilities available to us is difficult or impossible. In general, following the instructions of the Act, we try to ensure no polling location hosts more than six polling stations. However, section 36(4) allows me, as Chief Electoral Officer, to approve exceptions to this rule. With this in mind, I wanted to inform you that during this by-election, Confederation Park School, located at 3555 John A. MacDonald Road, will host seven polling locations rather than six. Please inform your candidates and candidate representatives.

As always, if you have questions or comments, please be in contact with the local returning office or with our head office. We would all be very happy to help you.

Dr. Michael Boda
Chief Electoral Officer
Province of Saskatchewan


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