Final Expense Limits and Clarification on Seating of Candidate Reps

Expense Limits – Final Numbers

Voter registration for the Regina Northeast by-election has closed which means we can provide you with final expense limits for both party and candidate spending.

As I said back on August 24, by legislation, the expense limit for registered political parties for a by-election in a southern constituency is the greater of $49,632 or $3.99 multiplied by the number of names on the voters list. For candidates, the expense limit is the greater of $59,641 or $3.99 multiplied by the number of names on the voters list.

The voters list that will be used in the election has 12,468 names on it. This means that the registered political party limit increases slightly from the base amount to $49,748 while the candidate expense limit remains at the base of $59,641.

Correction – Seating Location for Candidate Reps

I have one correction to make to yesterday’s communique on the section related to where candidate representatives should be seated during voting. For accessibility and voter privacy reasons, candidate representatives cannot be seated to the side of the poll official’s table. The deputy returning officer (or supervisory deputy returning officer) will determine the most appropriate seating location and arrangement, which will depend on the size and configuration of the voting location. If you could ensure this information is provided to your candidates and to their representatives in advance of polls opening tomorrow at 3 p.m., I would greatly appreciate it.

In the interests of further clarifying what information is available to candidates at what point in the voting process, we have developed the attached table as well. The table lists the various types of polls, the name of the form providing the information and at what point it is made available in the process. If you find this type of information helpful, please let me know and we can expand upon it in future events.

Best of luck in the coming days.

Dr. Michael Boda
Chief Electoral Officer
Province of Saskatchewan