Poll by Poll Results

Poll by Poll Results

We have posted files to our website containing poll-by-poll results for the three recent by-elections. These can be found at https://www.elections.sk.ca/reports-data/election-results/ underneath “CSV file of poll results (by-elections).” Remember that due to the presence of technology and a more limited number of voting locations, these poll-by-poll results will look a little bit different than those from past events.

Also, one item to ensure you are aware of. In Lumsden-Morse, our website has (until earlier today) listed seven rejected ballots. There were in fact only six rejected ballots in the constituency of Lumsden-Morse with one additional ballot “declined.” At the conclusion of voting, this declined ballot was recorded as “rejected” due to a transcription error. Our website has now been corrected to show 6 rejected ballots from Lumsden-Morse. No other changes were made.

Voters Lists

My office is currently gathering voter registration forms that were completed at the polls from materials that have been shipped back to our warehouse. Once we have these forms, they will be data entered and a final voters list for all three by-election constituencies will be created. I expect that this final list will be available to you around the end of September. 

RPP Fiscal Period Returns

In a non-by-election related item, all RPP Fiscal Period returns have been reviewed and will be posted on our website by the end of this week in an “As Reviewed” state. You can find these at https://www.elections.sk.ca/reports-data/candidate-political-party-finances/fiscal-period-returns/.  

Dr. Michael Boda
Chief Electoral Officer
Province of Saskatchewan