Signatures for Petition & Boundary Commission

Signature Collection – Petition

You are likely aware that a petition process is underway to establish a plebiscite vote under The Referendum and Plebiscite Act. My office has been asked whether signatures, for the purpose of a petition under The Referendum and Plebiscite Act, can be collected electronically.

After consideration, I have determined that an electronic signature satisfies the legal requirements found in The Referendum and Plebiscite Act. I have attached an interpretation bulletin explaining my decision and the legal basis on which it has been made.

I would reiterate for all registered political parties that my office is always available for discussion and to offer advice on the legislation that I oversee. I would strongly encourage Chief Official Agents to be in touch with my staff as you consider how your registered political party might operate most effectively within the confines of the law. 

Constituency Boundary Commission

Last week, a Constituency Boundary Commission was appointed pursuant to The Constituency Boundaries Act, 1993 (the Act). Under that legislation, a Commission is appointed every ten years to redraw provincial constituency boundaries (in this case, the 59 southern constituencies) and ensure that every constituency has roughly the same number of voters.

This Commission consists of Justice Donald Layh (chairperson), Joe Donlevy, former Chief of Staff to the Premier, and Frank Quennell, former Minister of Justice. The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer will serve as the Secretariat to the Commission.

In accordance with the Act, the Commission will publish an interim report and proposed maps within three months. That report and those maps will be available for comment and feedback, after which the Commission will prepare a final report and maps. Those new constituencies will be effective for the next provincial election, scheduled for October 2024.

The Commission is currently making a number of administrative arrangements, including creating a website. When that website is available and online, I will share a link with you so that you and your party can stay up to date on Commission activities.

RPP Fiscal Period Returns

A short note to let you know that all RPP fiscal period returns have been posted to our website with a status of “As Filed.” You can view these returns here:

Key Dates

A reminder to ensure that you are aware of these upcoming key dates:

  • Monday, May 16 – Deadline for candidates to file their Athabasca by-election expense return
  • Tuesday, June 14 – Annual RPP/ESK Meeting – details still to come
  • Monday, August 15 – Deadline for registered political parties to file their election expense return for the Athabasca by-election


Dr. Michael Boda
Chief Electoral Officer
Province of Saskatchewan