RSVP for June 6 Meeting

RSVP – June 6 RPP Meeting

Last month, I mentioned to you that we would be holding our annual Elections Saskatchewan – Registered Political Party meeting on Tuesday, June 6 here in Regina. I wanted to offer a few more details.

We will meet beginning at 10 a.m. on the first floor of the MacKenzie Art Gallery (3475 Albert Street, Regina). You will be able to park for free in any of the areas marked as visitor parking around the building. Following our meeting, at around 5 p.m., we will meet for dinner – I am still working to confirm our location but will be in touch with that information. As always, it is my hope that we can continue the discussions we began during the day in a more casual atmosphere.

I would be pleased to have you, as Chief Official Agent, and up to one other official from your party attend our meeting. Please confirm who will be attending by emailing [email protected]. Thank you for doing this, it will greatly assist in our planning.  

Voters List Updates

The quarterly voters list update will be available for download from our secure sharing site by the end of the day on Friday, June 9. Two versions of the list will be created and made available for download.   

The first version will use existing constituency boundaries but contains updates to polling divisions for the three constituencies that will host by-elections over the coming months. The constituencies of Regina Coronation Park and Regina Walsh Acres have been subdivided into five polling divisions identified as 01 through 05. The constituency of Lumsden-Morse has been sub-divided into 23 polling divisions identified as 01 through 23. In all three constituencies, voting locations in polling divisions numbered 01 through 05 will be full technology voting locations (i.e., electronic poll books and vote counting equipment books). All full technology voting locations are open to all voters in the constituency on every day of voting. Voting locations located in polling divisions numbered 06 through 23 in Lumsden-Morse will only be open on the last day of voting for voters assigned to that polling division.  

The second version of the voters list will reflect the new constituency boundaries that will come into effect for the 2024 general election as a result of the work of last year’s Constituency Boundary Commission. This second version of the list places voters into the constituencies that will be used for the election in 2024. Please note it will not contain any polling division details.

By-Election Shapefiles

In preparation for the upcoming by-elections, we have created updated Shapefiles for Regina Coronation Park, Lumsden-Morse, and Regina Walsh Acres. I have attached these Shapefiles to this Communique. 

Regina Coronation Park Shapefile

Lumsden-Morse Shapefile

Regina Walsh Acres Shapefile



Dr. Michael Boda
Chief Electoral Officer
Province of Saskatchewan