RPP Deleted from Register & Save the Date

WIP-SK Deleted from Register of Political Parties

The Western Independence Party of Saskatchewan has been deleted from the register of political parties effective May 10, 2019 in accordance with section 227(1)(c) of The Election Act, 1996 and in relation to the 2018 Regina Northeast by-election. A notice of deletion was published in the Saskatchewan Gazette earlier today and takes effect immediately.

Upon deletion from the register of political parties, a party is no longer entitled to incur expenses, solicit and receive contributions, participate in the Province’s political contributions tax credit regime or field candidates in provincial elections. Thursday, May 9 was the last day for the Western Independence Party of Saskatchewan to issue tax receipts for contributions to the party. More detail can be found in the Act.

A news release on this can be found at www.elections.sk.ca/media/news-releases/western-independence-party-of-saskatchewan-removed-from-register-of-political-parties/.

Polling Division Review Process

Last summer, we let you know that we expected updated polling division maps to be completed early in the 2020 calendar year, well in advance of next fall’s general election. I wanted to let you know that we are well on our way to meeting this goal. We have held several training sessions throughout the province with our new returning officers and have tasked them with reviewing and updating the polling divisions in their constituency. More training sessions are scheduled for the coming weeks in Saskatoon, Swift Current and Prince Albert. If you would like more information on the polling division review project, please contact Jennifer Colin, Deputy CEO for Corporate Services & Electoral Finance, at [email protected].

Interpretation Bulletins & CEO Directives

Before our last general election, we published a number of Interpretation Bulletins and CEO Directives on a variety of topics. You can find copies of these documents on our website within the Candidates and Parties section. We have started the process of reviewing, updating and creating new Interpretation Bulletins and CEO Directives where needed. Our goal is to provide information and clarity to parties and candidates well in advance of the next election. As we move these documents along, we will be sharing them with Chief Official Agents to ask for comments and feedback.

“Save the Date” – RPP Meeting on June 11

Finally, a quick “save the date” message. Our annual registered political party meeting will be held on June 11 here in Regina. We will once again gather at Government House (4607 Dewdney Avenue) for a full day of meetings followed by dinner and conversation afterwards. More details to come in the next few weeks.


Dr. Michael Boda
Chief Electoral Officer
Province of Saskatchewan