March 4 AVSM Simulation & Instructions on “Potential Candidates”

“Save the Date” – March 4

I’d like to invite you, as Chief Official Agent, along with one guest from your party, to attend a joint Advance Voting Services Modernization Update/Overview of Legislative Change meeting from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, March 4 at our head office in Regina. The meeting will include a hands-on simulation of our modernized advance voting process along with a variety of updates on what is happening on that project.

At that meeting on March 4 I would also like to discuss changes to The Election Act, 1996 that were passed in the Legislative Assembly before Christmas and will be in force soon. Bill 202, The Election Amendment Act, 2019, made a number of changes to legislation based on recommendations stemming from my Volume IV report, Chief Electoral Officer’s Recommendations for Legislative Reform. Some of these changes will have an impact on the work of the province’s registered political parties and your candidates. Bill 202 can be found on the website of the Legislative Assembly at media/1398/progress-of-bills.pdf.

I hope that you will join us for this meeting on March 4. If you plan to attend, please RSVP to my office at [email protected]. Lunch will be provided.

Potential Candidates

If your registered political party would like potential candidates posted on our website, you must complete and submit Form E-516 – Notice of Selection of Potential Candidate by Registered Political Party (attached). This form can be also be found on our website under and can be submitted individually for each candidate or can be submitted as a composite using Form E-516C (also attached).

If any of your potential candidates require confirmation of their status as such in order to open a bank account, please send an email with the candidate’s name, along with their E-401 Appointment/Consent of Business Manager of a Candidate to Jennifer Colin at [email protected]. Please direct any questions on this process to Jennifer as well.

2020 Expense Limits

Every year, the expense limits for candidates and registered political parties are updated in accordance with legislation. We anticipate that updated figures for the election year will be available by January 31.

I realize, as well, that this is the first time I have officially contacted you in 2020, so I hope you all enjoyed a peaceful holiday season before what will know doubt be a busy election year.


Dr. Michael Boda
Chief Electoral Officer
Province of Saskatchewan