Poll by Poll Results Available (Embargoed)

Poll by Poll Results – CSV File (Embargoed)

As promised two weeks ago, a CSV file providing poll by poll results from our October 26 election is now available.

As mentioned, I am providing you this data in advance of the publication of Volume I in my report on the most recent election, Statement of Votes, so that you can begin your detailed analysis of results. I expect that you will keep this information confidential within your party and not make it available more broadly so that I can publicize this once the final report has been tabled with the Legislative Assembly. I do appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

You can find the CSV file in our secure download portal. If you have questions about how to access this data or if you have forgotten your credentials, please contact Jordan Arendt, Director of IT, at [email protected].

Poll by Poll Results – Regina Rosemont

I need to inform you of one change to the official results that were provided during the Final Count. In preparing this CSV file and the Statement of Votes, we noticed what looked to be a duplicate entry of results in Regina Rosemont’s Hospital/Remand/Temporarily Displaced Voters (HRT) poll. Upon closer examination, we discovered that the results from the HRT poll had been entered twice. In order to correct the error, we have removed 2 votes from the Saskatchewan Green Party candidate, 8 votes from the N.D.P. candidate and 4 rejected ballots. The vote totals for other candidates were not affected. The total number of votes cast during this general election has been reduced to 444,997. This change is reflected in the CSV file and will be made to the results published on our website as well.

It is unfortunate that this error was not caught at the returning office when the Final Count was conducted or at our head office as we verified the data. Briefly, the error occurred when results were entered into a location that should only have been used to manage the distribution of ballots and the assignment of workers to a specific location in our election management system, ESPREE. This is the only constituency in the province where this error occurred.

Should you want a detailed explanation of how this occurred, please let me know and I will be happy to provide you with additional information. This does point to our longstanding need for a modern election management system to replace our legacy system, ESPREE – a project that is well underway and which will continue throughout this election cycle. Issues such as this one will be considered in the design and development of a new system and wherever possible automated checks and controls will be implemented to prevent such errors.


Dr. Michael Boda
Chief Electoral Officer
Province of Saskatchewan