Final Voters List & ELMS Module

Final Voters List – 29th General Election

For the past few months, our team at Elections Saskatchewan has been working methodically to complete the data entry of thousands of voter registration/change request forms collected during our 29th General Election. These changes are now close to being finalized to create the Final Voters List from our past election. Given how our team has approached this work, I believe that we will be able to offer our stakeholders the most accurate voters list in the history of our province. 

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the Final Voters List for your party, you will need to sign an Information Sharing Agreement (ISA). The ISA is the same as the previous version that you may have signed after the 2016 General Election with the exception of a small change made to the termination clauses (clauses 11 and 12). For administrative simplicity, the term of the ISA has been changed to automatically terminate six months after polling day for a general election instead of five years from date of signing. All ISAs will now terminate on the same date regardless of the signing date.   

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the Final Voters List for your party, please email Jennifer Colin, Deputy CEO, at [email protected]. If you have any questions about the Final Voters List, or about the ISA, contact Jennifer and she will be able to assist you. The Final Voters List should be available by Wednesday, March 10.

Members of the Legislative Assembly are also able to receive a copy of the Final Voters List for their constituency. Within the next few days, I will contact each MLA by letter and inform them how they can complete their own ISA process and receive a copy of this Final Voters List.

RPP Fiscal Period Return – ELMS Module

All registered political parties will be required to complete their annual fiscal period return using ELMS. A new module, enabling fiscal period returns to be completed, is now available. The Fiscal Period Return module can be accessed at

We have posted a guide on how to complete the fiscal period return using ELMS on our website here:

The use of ELMS will result in efficiencies for you in your role as Chief Official Agent and also for our team as we conduct reviews. Fiscal period returns are due, in accordance with legislation, four months after the end of the fiscal period, in this case by Friday, April 30. Your registered political party election expense returns are due earlier that week, on Monday, April 26. Our legislation does not provide for extensions to be granted for either the RPP election expense return or the RPP fiscal period return so please be aware of these deadlines.

If you have questions, or if you need to have your ELMS user account reset, please contact Aaron Thompson, Director of Finance, at [email protected].


Dr. Michael Boda
Chief Electoral Officer
Province of Saskatchewan