Below is a list of Personal Care Facility (PCF) and Hospital/Remand/Temporarily Displaced (HRT) poll locations for the 2020 October Provincial Election.


ConstituencyPoll NumberName of BuildingPoll AddressTown/CityPoll TypeVoting DayVoting Hours
Arm RiverPCF 1Silver Heights Special Care Home - Raymore402 Maclean StRaymorePCF20-Oct9-noon
Arm RiverPCF 2Nokomis Health Centre103 2 Ave ENokomisPCF20-Oct2-4pm
Arm RiverPCF 3Outlook & District Health Centre500 Semple StOutlookPCF20-Oct2-5pm
Arm RiverPCF 4Craik & District Health Centre620 Mary StCraikPCF21-Oct9-11am
Arm RiverPCF 5Long Lake Valley Integrated Facility - Imperial125 Prince StImperialPCF21-Oct2-4pm
Arm RiverPCF 6Davidson Health Centre900 Government RdDavidsonPCF22-Oct9-noon
Arm RiverPCF 7Central Butte Regency Hospital601 Canada StCentral ButtePCF20-Oct10-noon
Arm RiverPCF 8Iver Main Place Inc.52 3 Ave WCentral ButtePCF20-Oct2-4pm
Arm RiverHRT 1Davidson Health Centre900 Government RdDavidsonHRT26-Oct9am-1
Arm RiverHRT 2Outlook Union Hospital500 Semple StOutlookHRT26-Oct2pm-6
AthabascaPCF 1La Loche Health Centre1442 Dene RdLa LochePCF21-Oct2-4pm
AthabascaPCF 2St. Joseph Health Centre Long Term CareLajeunesse AveIle-a-la-CrossePCF22-Oct1-4pm
AthabascaHRT 1Athabasca Health Authority124 Hospital LaneBlack LakeHRT26-Oct9-5pm
AthabascaHRT 2La Loche Health Centre1442 Dene RdLa LocheHRT26-Oct2-6pm
AthabascaHRT 3St. Joseph Health CentreLajeunesse AveIle-a-la-CrosseHRT26-Oct2-6pm
BatochePCF 1Cudworth Nursing Home607 4th AvenueCudworthPCF20-Oct9-11am
BatochePCF 2St. Michaels Haven619 5th AvenueCudworthPCFCancelled
BatochePCF 3Bethany Pioneer Village777 Regional Park RdMiddle LakePCF20-Oct1-3pm
BatochePCF 4Lakeview Pioneer Lodge400 1st St NWakawPCF21-Oct9-11am
BatochePCF 5St. Louis River Edge Villa457 Riverside DrSt. LouisPCF21-Oct1-2pm
BatochePCF 6Haven of Hope110 Bartlett AveKinistinoPCF22-Oct9:30-11:30
BatochePCF 7Jubilee Lodge401 Meyers AveKinistinoPCF22-Oct1-3pm
BatochePCF 8Bev's Care Home210 Dixon AveKinistinoPCF22-Oct3:30-4:30
BatochePCF 9Birchview Health Facility3 Wilson StBirch HillsPCF20-Oct9-11am
BatochePCF 10Weldon Co-op Care Home54 Central StWeldonPCF20-Oct1-2pm
BatochePCF 11Farm in the DellSE-15-39-02-W3RM of Aberdeen No. 373PCF21-Oct9-10am
BatochePCF 12Goodwill Manor501 Victoria AveDuck LakePCF21-Oct1:30-3:30
BatochePCF 13Bellevue Care Home200 Grenier CresSt. IsadorePCF21-Oct3-4:30
Biggar-Sask ValleyPCF 1Biggar And District Health Centre501 First Ave WBiggarPCF20-Oct1-5pm
Biggar-Sask ValleyPCF 2Sunshine Family Care Home Inc.404 Fourth Ave EBiggarPCF21-Oct9-10am
Biggar-Sask ValleyPCF 3Almost Home Care Home114 Fourth Ave WBiggarPCF21-Oct10:30-11:30am
Biggar-Sask ValleyPCF 4Prairie Branches Enterprises104 6th Ave EBiggarPCFCancelled
Biggar-Sask ValleyPCF 5Spruce Manor Special Care Home701 1st StDalmenyPCF20-Oct9-noon
Biggar-Sask ValleyPCF 6Langham Care Home140 Main St ELanghamPCF21-Oct9-noon
Biggar-Sask ValleyPCF 7Borden Care Home Inc.301 Second AveBordenPCF21-Oct1:30-3:30pm
Biggar-Sask ValleyPCF 8Sunshine Housing Inc.212 Sixth StHaguePCF20-Oct1-2:30pm
Biggar-Sask ValleyPCF 9Shepherd's Villa Inc.111 1st Ave SHepburnPCF20-Oct4-5pm
Biggar-Sask ValleyPCF 10Christian Horizons Main Office (4006 3rd Ave E, Waldheim)12029A/12029B/2032 Pineridge Cres, 4002 3 Ave E, 3009/3018 3rd Ave E, 1012 Poplar Cres, 205/304 Main StWaldheimPCF21-Oct9-noon
Biggar-Sask ValleyHRT 1Biggar & District Health Centre501 1st Ave WBiggarHRT26-Oct1-5pm
CanningtonPCF 1Gainsborough & Area Health Centre312 Stephens StGainsboroughPCF20-Oct10-noon
CanningtonPCF 2Sunset Haven - Carnduff415 Spencer StCarnduffPCF20-Oct2-6pm
CanningtonPCF 3Galloway Health Centre - Oxbow917 Tupper StOxbowPCF21-Oct10-noon
CanningtonPCF 4Bow Valley Villa Corporation319 Wylie AveOxbowPCF21-Oct2-4pm
CanningtonPCF 5Redvers Health Centre18 Eichhorst StRedversPCF22-Oct9-11am
CanningtonPCF 6Redvers Activity Centre Inc.1 Mcbain AveRedversPCF22-Oct1-1:30
CanningtonPCF 7Redvers Activity Centre Inc.2 Mcdonald AveRedversPCF22-Oct2:30-3
CanningtonPCF 8Redvers Activity Centre Inc.57 Warren StRedversPCF22-Oct4-4:30
CanningtonPCF 9Newhope Pioneer Lodge - Stoughton123 Government RdStoughtonPCF20-Oct9-11am
CanningtonPCF 10Fillmore Health Centre100 Main StFillmorePCF20-Oct1-3pm
CanningtonPCF 11Moose Mountain Lodge - Carlyle801 Souris Ave WCarlylePCF21-Oct9-1pm
CanningtonPCF 12Lampman Community Health Centre311 2 Ave ELampmanPCF21-Oct3-5pm
CanningtonPCF 13Wawota Memorial Health Centre201 Wilfred StWawotaPCF22-Oct9-11:30
CanningtonHRT 1Arcola Health Centre607 Prairie AveArcolaHRT26-Oct9-1pm
CanningtonHRT 2Redvers Health Centre18 Eichhorst StRedversHRT26-Oct3-7pm
CanningtonHRT 3Galloway Health Centre - Oxbow917 Tupper StOxbowHRT26-Oct9-1pm
Canora-PellyPCF 1Eaglestone Lodge Personal Care Home346 Miles StKamsackPCF20-Oct9-noon
Canora-PellyPCF 2Kamsack And District Nursing Home341 Stewart StKamsackPCF20-Oct1-5pm
Canora-PellyPCF 3Canora Gateway Lodge212 Centre Ave ECanoraPCF21-Oct9-12:30
Canora-PellyPCF 4Norquay Health Centre335 Road Allowance SNorquayPCF21-Oct2:30-5
Canora-PellyPCF 5Preeceville Personal Care Home26 Third Ave NwPreecevillePCF20-Oct9-11:30
Canora-PellyPCF 6Preeceville & District Health Centre712B Seventh St NePreecevillePCF20-Oct1-5pm
Canora-PellyPCF 7Preece Place609 Third Ave NEPreecevillePCF21-Oct9-10am
Canora-PellyPCF 8Sturgis & District Care Home Inc.217 1st Ave SESturgisPCF21-Oct11-noon
Canora-PellyPCF 9Anaka House340 Victoria StSturgisPCF21-Oct1:30-2:30
Canora-PellyHRT 1Canora Hospital1219 Main StCanoraHRT26-Oct9-1pm
Canora-PellyHRT 2Kamsack And District Hospital341 Stewart StKamsackHRT26-Oct2-6pm
Carrot River ValleyPCF 1Arborfield & District Health Care Centre509 5 AveArborfieldPCF20-Oct10-noon
Carrot River ValleyPCF 2Carrot River Health Centre4101 First AveCarrot RiverPCF20-Oct2:30-4:30
Carrot River ValleyPCF 3Newmarket Place 2001 Newmarket DrTisdalePCF21-Oct9-noon
Carrot River ValleyPCF 4Nipawin And District Services To The Handicapped Inc.107 6 St NNipawinPCF22-Oct9-9:30
Carrot River ValleyPCF 5Nipawin And District Services To The Handicapped Inc.410 5 St NNipawinPCF22-Oct10-10:30
Carrot River ValleyPCF 6Nipawin And District Services To The Handicapped Inc.615 10th Ave WNipawinPCF22-Oct11-11:30
Carrot River ValleyPCF 7Nipawin And District Services To The Handicapped Inc.408 10th Ave WNipawinPCF22-Oct11:30-noon
Carrot River ValleyPCF 8Pineview Lodge 400 6 Ave ENipawinPCFOct 22&232-5pm
Carrot River ValleyPCF 9Hudson Bay Health Care Facility614 Prince StHudson BayPCF20-Oct9:30-11:30
Carrot River ValleyHRT 1Tisdale Hospital2010 110th Ave WTisdaleHRT26-Oct9-1pm
Carrot River ValleyHRT 2Nipawin Hospital800 6th St ENipawinHRT26-Oct3-7pm
Carrot River ValleyHRT 3Hudson Bay Health Care Facility614 Prince StHudson BayHRT26-Oct9-1pm
CumberlandPCF 1Elder Catherine Charles Long Term Care Home519 Elders RdLac La Ronge 156PCFCancelled
CumberlandPCF 2Nikinan Long Term Care227 Backlund StLa RongePCF21-Oct4-5pm
CumberlandPCF 3Stanley Mission Elders Haven844B Hardlotte StLac La RongePCF22-Oct10:30-11:30
CumberlandHRT 1La Ronge Health Centre227 Backlund StLa RongeHRT26-Oct1-5pm
Cut Knife-TurtlefordPCF 1Maidstone Health Complex - Pine Island Lodge214 5 Ave EMaidstonePCF20-Oct2-3:30
Cut Knife-TurtlefordPCF 2Lady Minto Health Care Centre1513 First Ave SEdamPCF21-Oct9:30-11am
Cut Knife-TurtlefordPCF 3Susan KleinSW-25-47-23-W3RM of Eldon No. 471PCFCancelled
Cut Knife-TurtlefordPCF 4Wilkie & District Health Centre304 7 Ave EWilkiePCF21-Oct10:15-11:45
Cut Knife-TurtlefordPCF 5Unity And District Health Centre999999 Airport RdUnityPCF21-Oct3-4:30
Cut Knife-TurtlefordPCF 6Cut Knife Health Complex102 Dion AveCut KnifePCF22-Oct9-11:30
Cut Knife-TurtlefordHRT 1Unity And District Health Centre999999 Airport RdUnityHRT26-Oct1-5pm
Cut Knife-TurtlefordHRT 2Maidstone Health Complex214 5 Ave EMaidstoneHRT26-Oct10-2pm
Cypress HillsPCF 1Eastend Wolf Willow Health Centre555 Red Coat DrEastendPCF20-Oct9-11:30
Cypress HillsPCF 2Shaunavon Hospital & Care Centre660 4th St EShaunavonPCF20-Oct2-5pm
Cypress HillsPCF 3Avondale Place635 5th Ave WShaunavonPCF21-Oct9-11am
Cypress HillsPCF 4The Villa & Evergreen Homes802 Centre StShaunavonPCF21-Oct1-3pm
Cypress HillsPCF 5Prairie Health Care Centre517 First St NCabriPCF20-Oct9-11am
Cypress HillsPCF 6Gull Lake Special Care Centre751 Grey StGull LakePCF20-Oct1-3pm
Cypress HillsPCF 7Autumn House Independent Living Facility Inc.143 Green StGull LakePCF20-Oct3:30-5:30pm
Cypress HillsPCF 8Leader And District Integrated Healthcare Facility400 1st St WLeaderPCF20-Oct9-11am
Cypress HillsPCF 9Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility 102 Fifth AveMaple CreekPCF20-Oct1-3pm
Cypress HillsPCF 10Cypress Lodge510 21 HwyMaple CreekPCF20-Oct3:30-5:30
Cypress HillsHRT 1Shaunavon Hospital & Care Centre660 4th St NShaunavonHRT26-Oct9-1pm
Cypress HillsHRT 2Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility102 Fifth AveMaple CreekHRT26-Oct2-6pm
Cypress HillsHRT 3Leader & District Integrate Health Centre400 1st St WLeaderHRT26-Oct9-1pm
EstevanPCF 1St. Joseph's Long Term Care1176 Nicholson RdEstevanPCF20-Oct9-noon
EstevanPCF 2Hillview Manor1401 1st StEstevanPCF20-Oct2-5pm
EstevanPCF 3Estevan Regional Nursing Home1921 Wellock RdEstevanPCF21-Oct9-11am
EstevanPCF 4Mainprize Manor206 South StreetMidalePCF22-Oct9-noon
EstevanHRT 1St. Joseph's Hospital1176 Nicholson RdEstevanHRT26-Oct9-1pm
Humboldt-WatrousPCF 1St. Mary's Villa1109 13 StHumboldtPCF20-Oct10-noon
Humboldt-WatrousPCF 2Manitou Lodge - Watrous702 4 St EWatrousPCF21-Oct10-noon
Humboldt-WatrousPCF 3Central Parkland Lodge/Lanigan Hospital (Long Term Care)30 Downing DrLaniganPCF21-Oct2-4pm
Humboldt-WatrousHRT 1Watrous & District Health Complex704 4th St EWatrousHRT26-Oct9-1pm
Humboldt-WatrousHRT 2Lanigan Hospital36 Downing DrLaniganHRT26-Oct3-7pm
Humboldt-WatrousHRT 3Humboldt & District Health Complex515 4th AvenueHumboldtHRT26-Oct10-2pm
Indian Head-MilestonePCF 1Echo Lodge560 Broadway St WFort Qu'AppellePCF20-Oct1-4:30
Indian Head-MilestonePCF 2Harrison Manor483 Broadway StFort Qu'AppellePCF21-Oct1:30-3:30
Indian Head-MilestonePCF 3Harrison House147 Company Ave SFort Qu'AppellePCF22-Oct1:30-2:30
Indian Head-MilestonePCF 4Country Lane Care Home108 8th StPilot ButtePCF20-Oct1:30-3:30
Indian Head-MilestonePCF 5Hayes Haven Personal Care Home Inc.920 Mckay StIndian HeadPCF20-Oct1:30-3:30
Indian Head-MilestonePCF 6Golden Prairie Home - Indian Head916 Eden StIndian HeadPCF21-Oct1:30-4:30
Indian Head-MilestoneHRT 1All Nations Healing Hospital450 8th StFort Qu'AppelleHRT26-Oct1-5pm
Indian Head-MilestoneHRT 2Indian Head Union Hospital300 Hospital StreetIndian HeadHRT26-Oct1-5pm
Kelvington-WadenaPCF 1Wan-Dor Inn427 Cameron StFoam LakePCF20-Oct7-8pm
Kelvington-WadenaPCF 2Foam Lake Jubilee Home421 Alberta AveFoam LakePCF21-Oct1-4pm
Kelvington-WadenaPCF 3Invermay Health Centre303 4 AveInvermayPCF20-Oct11-1pm
Kelvington-WadenaPCF 4Theodore Health Centre615 Anderson AveTheodorePCF22-Oct9:30-11:30
Kelvington-WadenaPCF 5Red Deer Nursing Home330 Oak St EPorcupine PlainPCF20-Oct1-4pm
Kelvington-WadenaPCF 6Porcupine Opportunities Program136 First Ave EPorcupine PlainPCF21-Oct9:30 - 10
Kelvington-WadenaPCF 7Porcupine Opportunities Program150 Katherine Ave NPorcupine PlainPCF21-Oct11-11:30
Kelvington-WadenaPCF 8Porcupine Opportunities Program100 Church St.Porcupine PlainPCF21-Oct11:30-noon
Kelvington-WadenaPCF 9Pleasant View Care Home 433 Fifth St NEWadenaPCF22-Oct9-noon
Kelvington-WadenaPCF 10Kelvington & Area Hospital - Long Term Care (Kelvindell Lodge)701 6th Ave WKelvingtonPCF22-Oct3-6pm
Kelvington-WadenaPCF 11Golden Acres300 10 St EWynyardPCF21-Oct1-4pm
Kelvington-WadenaHRT 1Porcupine Carragana Hospital130 Larwood AvePorcupine PlainHRT26-Oct4-8pm
Kelvington-WadenaHRT 2Kelvington Hospital701 6th Ave WKelvingtonHRT26-Oct10-2pm
Kelvington-WadenaHRT 3Wadena Hospital533 5th St NEWadenaHRT26-Oct4-8pm
Kelvington-WadenaHRT 4Wynyard Hospital300 10th St EWynyardHRT26-Oct10-2pm
KindersleyPCF 1Eatonia Oasis Living Inc.205 2Nd Ave WEatoniaPCF20-Oct2-5pm
KindersleyPCF 2Kindersley & District Health Centre1003 1 St WKindersleyPCF20-Oct9-noon
KindersleyPCF 3Eston Health Centre800 Main StEstonPCF21-Oct9-noon
KindersleyPCF 4St. Joseph's Health Centre5200A 31 HwyMacklinPCF20-Oct9-noon
KindersleyPCF 5Kerrobert & District Health Centre115 Manitoba AveKerrobertPCF20-Oct2-5pm
KindersleyHRT 1Kindersley & District Health Centre1003 1 St WKindersleyHRT26-Oct8-noon
KindersleyHRT 2Kerrobert & District Health Centre115 Manitoba AveKerrobertHRT26-Oct1-5pm
Last Mountain-TouchwoodPCF 1Last Mountain Pioneer Home700 Prospect AveStrasbourgPCF20-Oct1:30-3pm
Last Mountain-TouchwoodPCF 2Ivy's Care Home229 Young StEarl Grey PCF20-Oct4-5pm
Last Mountain-TouchwoodPCF 3Deer Park Villa518 5th Ave NEItunaPCF21-Oct1-2:30
Last Mountain-TouchwoodPCF 4Ituna Pioneer Health Care Centre320 5th Ave NEItunaPCF21-Oct3-5pm
Last Mountain-TouchwoodPCF 5Lakeview LodgeSW-27-21-14-W2Standing Buffalo First NationPCF22-Oct10-noon
Last Mountain-TouchwoodPCF 6Cupar and District Nursing Home213 Mills StCuparPCF20-Oct1-3pm
Last Mountain-TouchwoodPCF 7St Anne's Personal Care Home640 Main St NItunaPCF21-Oct1:30-3pm
Last Mountain-TouchwoodPCF 8St. Joseph's Integrated Care Centre508 Westmoor StRM Of Kellross No. 247PCF22-Oct1-3pm
Last Mountain-TouchwoodPCF 9Balcarres Integrated Care Centre100 Elgin St SBalcarresPCF23-Oct1-3pm
LloydminsterPCF 1Jubliee Home3902 45 AveLloydminsterPCF21-Oct9-noon
LloydminsterPCF 2Paradise Hill Care Home105 1 AveParadise HillPCF21-Oct2-3pm
LloydminsterHRT 1Lloydminster Hospital3820 – 43 AvenueLloydminsterHRT26-Oct10-2pm
Lumsden-MorsePCF 1Prairie Wind Estate1329 Herbert AveHerbertPCF20-Oct9-11am
Lumsden-MorsePCF 2Herbert Group Home309 Neidpath StHerbertPCF20-Oct1-1:30
Lumsden-MorsePCF 3Herbert & District Integrated Health Facility405 Herbert AveHerbertPCF20-Oct2-4pm
Lumsden-MorsePCF 4Lumsden Heritage Home10 Aspen BayLumsdenPCF21-Oct9-11am
Lumsden-MorsePCF 5Meadow Edge House5 James BayLumsdenPCF21-Oct11:15-11:45
Lumsden-MorsePCF 6Coteau Range Manor Inc.210 New Warren PlAvonleaPCF21-Oct2-4pm
Lumsden-MorseHRT 1Herbert & District Integrated Health Facility405 Herbert AveHerbertHRT26-Oct9am-1pm
Martensville-WarmanPCF 1Diamond House Ltd700 Ballesteros CresWarmanPCF20-Oct9-noon
Martensville-WarmanPCF 2Warman Mennonite Special Care Home201 Centennial BlvdWarmanPCF21-Oct9-1:30
Martensville-WarmanPCF 3Sunshine Housing223 Cedar DrOslerPCFCancelled
Martensville-WarmanPCF 4Warman Neu-Care Ltd.104 Canora St WWarmanPCF22-Oct11-noon
Martensville-WarmanPCF 5Lorraine Reddekopp205 6th Ave SWarmanPCF22-Oct2-3pm
Martensville-WarmanPCF 6Martensville Care Home#6 1st Ave NMartensvillePCF22-Oct4-5pm
Meadow LakePCF 1Northland Pioneers Lodge515 3rd St WMeadow LakePCF23-Oct10-1pm
Meadow LakePCF 2L. Gervais Memorial Health Centre100 1st St EGoodsoilPCF20-Oct1-3pm
Meadow LakePCF 3Loon Lake Health Centre & Special Care Home510 2 AveLoon LakePCF20-Oct4-6pm
Meadow LakePCF 4St. Walburg Health Complex410 3 Ave WSt. WalburgPCF21-Oct9-noon
Meadow LakePCF 5Evergreen Health Centre238 1 AveLeovillePCF22-Oct1-3pm
Meadow LakePCF 6Riverside Health Complex27661 303 HwyTurtlefordPCF21-Oct2-5pm
Meadow LakeHRT 1Northwest Health Facility711 Centre StMeadow LakeHRT26-Oct2pm-6pm
Meadow LakeHRT 2Riverside Health Complex27661 303 HwyTurtlefordHRT26-Oct10am-2pm
MelfortPCF 1Melfort Group Home1116 Main StMelfortPCFCancelled
MelfortPCF 2Parkland Place - Melfort402 Bemister Ave EMelfortPCF21-Oct9-1pm
MelfortPCF 3Chateau Providence - St. Brieux200 1 Ave NSt. BrieuxPCF20-Oct1-5pm
MelfortPCF 4Quill Plains Centennial Lodge - Watson403 3 Ave NeWatsonPCF21-Oct1-5pm
MelfortHRT 1Melfort Hospital510 Broadway Ave NMelfortHRT26-Oct1-5pm
Melville-SaltcoatsPCF 1St. Paul Lutheran Home - Melville100 Heritage DrMelvillePCF20-Oct9-5:30pm
Melville-SaltcoatsPCF 2Lakeside Manor101 Crescent Lake RoadSaltcoatsPCF21-Oct9-noon
Melville-SaltcoatsPCF 3Helping Hands - Melville703 Main StMelvillePCF21-Oct1:30-3:30
Melville-SaltcoatsPCF 4Centennial Special Care Home - Langenburg407 2nd St SLangenburgPCF21-Oct9-1pm
Melville-SaltcoatsPCF 5West Haven Care Home104 Carl Ave WLangenburgPCF21-Oct2:30-4pm
Melville-SaltcoatsPCF 6Maple Street Manor600 Park AveEsterhazyPCF21-Oct10-11:30
Melville-SaltcoatsPCF 7Centennial Special Care Home - Esterhazy300 James StEsterhazyPCF21-Oct1-3:30
Melville-SaltcoatsPCF 8Morris Lodge114 Main StBangorPCF21-Oct4:30-5:30
Melville-SaltcoatsHRT 1St. Anthony's Hospital216 Ancona St EsterhazyHRT26-Oct9-1pm
Melville-SaltcoatsHRT 2St. Peter's Hospital200 Heritage DrMelvilleHRT26-Oct2-6pm
Moose Jaw NorthPCF 1Extendicare West Park Crossing1801 Meier DriveMoose JawPCF20-Oct9-noon
Moose Jaw NorthPCF 2Capilano Court1236 3rd Ave NWMoose JawPCF20-Oct1-3pm
Moose Jaw NorthPCF 3Pioneer Lodge - Moose Jaw1000 Albert StMoose JawPCF21-Oct9:30-12:30
Moose Jaw NorthPCF 4Chez Nous Senior Citizens Home1101 Grafton AveMoose JawPCF22-Oct9-noon
Moose Jaw NorthHRT 1Dr. F. H. Wigmore Regional Hospital55 Diefenbaker DriveMoose JawHRT26-Oct1-5pm
Moose Jaw WakamowPCF 1Chateau St Michael525 7th Ave SWMoose JawPCF20-Oct12-5pm
Moose Jaw WakamowPCF 2Extendicare1151 Coteau St WMoose JawPCF21-Oct1-8pm
Moose Jaw WakamowPCF 3Providence Place100 2nd Ave NEMoose JawPCF22-Oct12-8pm
Moose Jaw WakamowPCF 4Crescent Park Retirement Villa134 Athabasca St EMoose JawPCF24-Oct12-6pm
Moose Jaw WakamowHRT 1Providence Place (GARU)100 2nd Ave NEMoose JawHRT26-Oct9-1pm
MoosominPCF 1Southeast Integrated Care Centre - Moosomin601 Wright RdMoosominPCF20-Oct9-1pm
MoosominPCF 2Pipestone Kin-Ability Centre Inc.1607 Broadway AveMoosominPCF20-Oct2:30-3:30
MoosominPCF 3Pipestone Kin-Ability Centre Inc.202 Heritage PlMoosominPCF20-Oct4:30-5:30
MoosominPCF 4Whitewood Community Health Centre921 Gambetta StWhitewoodPCF20-Oct9-11am
MoosominPCF 5Broadview Centennial Lodge310 Calgary StBroadviewPCF20-Oct12:30-2:30
MoosominPCF 6Broadview House Personal Care Home Inc.718 Main StBroadviewPCF20-Oct3:30-5
MoosominPCF 7Aspen Grove Home Ltd.1119 Front AveGrenfellPCF20-Oct9-10am
MoosominPCF 8Helping Hands Grenfell710 Stella StGrenfellPCF22-Oct10-11am
MoosominPCF 9Lakeside Home/Wolseley Integrated Care702 Ouimet StWolseleyPCF20-Oct2-6pm
MoosominPCF 10Montmartre Health Centre237 Second Ave EMontmartrePCF20-Oct9:30-11
MoosominPCF 11Willowdale Lodge/Kipling Integrated Facility906 Industrial DrKiplingPCF20-Oct12:30-2:30
MoosominHRT 1Southeast Integrated Care Centre - Moosomin601 Wright RdMoosominHRT26-Oct9-1pm
MoosominHRT 2Kipling Integrated Facility906 Industrial DrKiplingHRT26-Oct3-7pm
MoosominHRT 3Broadview Union Hospital901 Nina StBroadviewHRT26-Oct9-1pm
MoosominHRT 4Wolseley Integrated Care Centre702 Ouimet StWolseleyHRT26-Oct2:30-6:30
Prince Albert CarltonPCF 1Mont St. Joseph Home777 28th St EPrince AlbertPCF21-Oct1-5pm
Prince Albert CarltonPCF 2Kopera's Care Home236 22nd St EPrince AlbertPCF20-Oct2:30-3:30
Prince Albert CarltonPCF 3PA Group Home Society123 31st St EPrince AlbertPCFCancelled
Prince Albert CarltonPCF 4PA Group Home Society107 31st St EPrince AlbertPCFCancelled
Prince Albert CarltonPCF 5Ika's Care Home1007 Woodman CresPrince AlbertPCF20-Oct10:30-11:30
Prince Albert CarltonPCF 6PA Group Home Society1644 Olive Diefenbaker DrPrince AlbertPCFCancelled
Prince Albert CarltonPCF 7PA Group Home Society670 Agnew StPrince AlbertPCFCancelled
Prince Albert CarltonPCF 8Sisters of the Presentation of Mary3101 3rd Ave EPrince AlbertPCF21-Oct10:30-11:30am
Prince Albert CarltonHRT1Prince Albert Correctional Centre (Remand)3021 1st Ave WPrince AlbertHRT26-Oct9am-8pm
Prince Albert CarltonHRT2Prince Albert Correctional Centre (Remand)3021 1st Ave WPrince AlbertHRT26-Oct9am-8pm
Prince Albert CarltonHRT3Prince Albert Correctional Centre (Remand)3021 1st Ave WPrince AlbertHRT26-Oct9am-8pm
Prince Albert NorthcotePCF 1MacWilliams Personal Care Home455 6th St EPrince AlbertPCF20-Oct9-9:30
Prince Albert NorthcotePCF 2Serenity Care Homes1449 15th St EPrince AlbertPCF22-Oct3:30-4
Prince Albert NorthcotePCF 3Mak Lodge1601 1st St EPrince AlbertPCF20-Oct11-noon
Prince Albert NorthcotePCF 4Green Hill Lodge And Suites701 13th St WPrince AlbertPCF20-Oct1-2:30
Prince Albert NorthcotePCF 5East View Care Home701 Macintosh DrPrince AlbertPCF20-Oct3-3:30
Prince Albert NorthcotePCF 6Sisters of the Presentation of Mary1405 Bishop Pascal PlPrince AlbertPCF20-Oct4-4:30
Prince Albert NorthcotePCF 7River Breeze Retirement Complex658 River St EPrince AlbertPCF21-Oct9:30-noon
Prince Albert NorthcotePCF 8Joyce Villeneuve801 12th St WPrince AlbertPCF21-Oct1-1:30
Prince Albert NorthcotePCF 9Prince Albert Group Home640 22nd St WPrince AlbertPCFCancelled
Prince Albert NorthcotePCF 10Pineview Terrace Lodge 1200A 24th St WPrince AlbertPCF21-Oct3:30-5
Prince Albert NorthcotePCF 11The Good Shepherd Villas Inc.1499 15th Ave EPrince AlbertPCF22-Oct9:30-noon
Prince Albert NorthcotePCF 12Nelson Care Home1336 7th St EPrince AlbertPCF22-Oct1-2pm
Prince Albert NorthcotePCF 13Prince Albert Group Home840 5th St EPrince AlbertPCFCancelled
Prince Albert NorthcotePCF 14Prince Albert Group Home840 6th St EPrince AlbertPCFCancelled
Prince Albert NorthcotePCF 15Prince Albert Group Home998 13th St WPrince AlbertPCFCancelled
Prince Albert NorthcotePCF 16Lori Skiftun361B 22nd St WPrince AlbertPCF22-Oct4:30-5
Prince Albert NorthcotePCF 17Herb Bassett Home1220 O.K. Hjertaas DrPrince AlbertPCF23-Oct9:30-4:30
Prince Albert NorthcoteHRT 1Victoria Hospital1200 24th St WPrince AlbertHRT26-Oct9-1pm
Prince Albert NorthcoteHRT 2Pine View Remand1000-1072 16th St NEPrince AlbertHRT26-Oct9-1pm
Prince Albert NorthcoteHRT 3Prince Albert Youth Residence19th St EPrince AlbertHRT26-Oct9-1pm
Regina Coronation ParkPCF 1Highland Park Care Home109 Mcintyre StReginaPCF20-Oct9-10:30
Regina Coronation ParkPCF 2Hope & Charity Care Home103 Mcintyre StReginaPCF21-Oct2:30-3:30pm
Regina Coronation ParkPCF 3William Booth Special Care Home - Regina50 Angus RdReginaPCF22-Oct10-noon
Regina Coronation ParkPCF 4Regina Lutheran Home1925 5th Ave NReginaPCF22-Oct1-3pm
Regina Coronation ParkPCF 5Regina Lutheran Home129/133 Hamilton StReginaPCF23-Oct1-3pm
Regina Coronation ParkPCF 6McMurchy Care Home85/87 Mcmurchy AveReginaPCF20-Oct3-4:30
Regina Coronation ParkPCF 7Welchman Extendivilla532/534 Halifax StReginaPCF21-Oct10-11:30
Regina Coronation ParkPCF 8Joyti Care Home2135 5th Ave NReginaPCF20-Oct1-2:30
Regina Coronation ParkPCF 9Clare Parker Homes Inc.140 Halifax St NReginaPCF24-Oct1-2pm
Regina Douglas ParkPCF 1College Park II Retirement Residence (2nd Floor)1601 Badham BlvdReginaPCF20-Oct9:30-noon
Regina Douglas ParkPCF 1College Park II Retirement Residence 1601 Badham BlvdReginaPCF20-Oct9:30-noon
Regina Douglas ParkPCF 2Kozy Korner Personal Care Home310 18th Ave EReginaPCF21-Oct9:30-10:30
Regina Douglas ParkPCF 3H.E.L.P. Homes Regina393 Froom CresReginaPCFCancelled
Regina Douglas ParkPCF 4H.E.L.P. Homes Regina620 Douglas Park CresReginaPCFCancelled
Regina Douglas ParkPCF 5Qu'Appelle House1425 College AveReginaPCF20-Oct1-4pm
Regina Douglas ParkPCF 6Spruce Lane2047 Mackay StReginaPCF21-Oct11-noon
Regina Douglas ParkPCF 7Broadway Terrace (Harvest Haven)1150 Broadway AveReginaPCF21-Oct1:30-3pm
Regina Douglas ParkPCF 7Broadway Terrace1150 Broadway AveReginaPCF21-Oct1-5pm
Regina Douglas ParkHRT 1Regina General Hospital1440 - 14th AveReginaHRT26-Octnoon-4
Regina Elphinstone-CentrePCF 1Golden Hearts4238 Dewdney AveReginaPCF20-Oct2-3pm
Regina Elphinstone-CentreHRT 1Pasqua Hospital4101 Dewdney AveReginaHRT26-Octnoon-4
Regina Gardiner ParkPCF 1Riverbend Crossing2235 Heseltine RdReginaPCF20-Oct1-4pm
Regina Gardiner ParkPCF 2Victoria Park Personal Care Community2400 Arens RdReginaPCF21-Oct1-5pm
Regina LakeviewPCF 1Dove House2220 Cameron StReginaPCF20-Oct2-3:30
Regina LakeviewPCF 2Courtesy Care Home2928 Wascana StReginaPCF21-Oct9:30-10
Regina LakeviewPCF 3Autumn Personal Care Home3821 Regina AveReginaPCF21-Oct11-11:30
Regina LakeviewPCF 4Princess Villa3231 Whitmore AveReginaPCF21-Oct1-1:30
Regina LakeviewPCF 5Parkview Villa2915 Pasqua StReginaPCF21-Oct2:30-3
Regina LakeviewPCF 6Precious Memories Villa 2800 23Rd AveReginaPCF21-Oct4-4:30
Regina PasquaPCF 1Extendicare Sunset260 Sunset DrReginaPCF20-Oct9-5pm
Regina PasquaPCF 2Regina Pioneer Village430 Pioneer DrReginaPCF21-Oct9-5pm
Regina PasquaPCF 3Santa Maria Senior Citizens Home4215 Regina AveReginaPCF22-Oct10:30-3
Regina PasquaPCF 4Parliament Place Care Home4001 Elphinstone StReginaPCF20-Oct10-11am
Regina PasquaPCF 5Sunset Place4501 Queen StReginaPCF20-Oct2-2:30
Regina PasquaPCF 6Shady Pines Personal Care Home36/38 Empress DrReginaPCF20-Oct3:30-4
Regina PasquaPCF 7Trinity Manor Retirement Residence8351 Canola AveReginaPCF21-Oct1-4pm
Regina PasquaPCF 8Orange Tree Village/Harbour Landing Village4000 James Hill RdReginaPCF22-Oct9-noon
Regina PasquaPCF 9Extendicare Parkside4540 Rae StReginaPCF21-Oct9-5pm
Regina PasquaPCF 10Extendicare Elmview4125 Rae StReginaPCF22-Oct1-5pm
Regina PasquaPCF 11Wintergreene Estates Retirement Residence4950 Pasqua StReginaPCF23-Oct9-noon
Regina RochdalePCF1Caseabella Care Home5931 Hague CrescentReginaPCF20-Oct2:30-3:30
Regina RochdalePCF2Westhill Manor8030 Sherwood PlaceReginaPCF21-Oct2-3pm
Regina RosemontPCF 1Majestic Manor Personal Care Home239 Williston DrReginaPCF20-Oct10:30-noon
Regina RosemontPCF 2Ashton Manor27 Sidney StReginaPCF20-Oct1:30-3
Regina RosemontPCF 3Helping Hands Care Home226 Hansen Dr ReginaPCF20-Oct4-5pm
Regina RosemontPCF 4The Victorian Personal Care Home7103 Sherwood DrReginaPCF20-Oct6:30-7:30
Regina RosemontPCF 5Premium Health Services Ltd5800 4th AveReginaPCF21-Oct9-11am
Regina RosemontPCF 6Sheila Keck6135 7th Ave NReginaPCFCancelled
Regina RosemontPCF 7Marie Manor142 McCarthy Blvd NReginaPCF21-Oct2-4pm
Regina RosemontPCF 8Chip and Dale Homes Ltd.7308 7th AveReginaPCF21-Oct5-5:30pm
Regina RosemontPCF 9Christian Horizons7205 8th AveReginaPCF22-Oct7-8pm
Regina RosemontPCF 10Melles Dahab174 Fulton DrReginaPCF21-Oct6-7pm
Regina RosemontHRT1White Birch Remand Unit & Paul Dojack Youth CentreRitter Avenue & Toothill StreetReginaHRT26-Oct10-2pm
Regina UniversityPCF 1Wascana Rehabilitation Centre (Long Term)2180 23rd AveRegina.PCF20-Oct9-5pm
Regina UniversityPCF 2Selo Gardens 1102 McNiven AveReginaPCF20-Oct10-noon
Regina UniversityHRT 1Wascana Rehabilitation Centre (Stroke Ward)2180 23rd AveReginaHRT26-Oct10-2pm
Regina Walsh AcresPCF 1Arbor Oaks Manor10 Kyle StReginaPCF20-Oct9:30-10
Regina Walsh AcresPCF 2Golden Oaks5048 Sherwood DrReginaPCFCancelled
Regina Walsh AcresPCF 3Dunsmore Villa87 Dunsmore DrReginaPCF20-Oct3-3:30
Regina Walsh AcresPCF 4Walsh Acres Manor Ltd.3 Dunsmore DrReginaPCF21-Oct9:30-10
Regina Walsh AcresPCF 5Bethel Manor5161 Sherwood DrReginaPCF22-Oct9:30-10
Regina Walsh AcresPCF 6Cheshire Homes of Regina Society4402/4404 Sherwood DrReginaPCF22-Oct4:30-5:30
Regina Walsh AcresPCF 7Kennedy Manor Care Home22 Kennedy CresReginaPCF23-Oct9-9:45
Regina Wascana PlainsPCF 1Westminster Care Home Ltd.3347 Westminster RdReginaPCF21-Oct10-11am
Regina Wascana PlainsPCF 2William Albert House333 Emerald Park RdRm Of Edenwold No. 158PCF22-Oct10-1pm
Regina Wascana PlainsHRT 1Regina Provincial Correctional Centre (Remand)4040E 9th Ave NReginaHRT26-Oct9-1pm
Regina Wascana PlainsHRT 2Regina Provincial Correctional Centre (Remand)4040E 9th Ave NReginaHRT26-Oct9-1pm
Regina Wascana PlainsHRT 3Regina Provincial Correctional Centre (Remand)4040E 9th Ave NReginaHRT26-Oct9-1pm
Rosetown-ElrosePCF 1Orange Memories Care Home Inc.708 Sixth St ERosetownPCF20-Oct9-11am
Rosetown-ElrosePCF 2Rosetown & District Health Centre (Rose Villa)409 4 HwyRosetownPCF20-Oct11:30-3:30
Rosetown-ElrosePCF 3Elrose Health Centre505 Main StElrosePCF21-Oct9-11am
Rosetown-ElrosePCF 4Lucky Lake Health Centre (Long Term Care)309 Railway AveLucky LakePCF22-Oct9-10:30
Rosetown-ElrosePCF 5Dinsmore Health Centre (Long Term Care)207 1St St EDinsmorePCF22-Oct11-12:30
Rosetown-ElrosePCF 6Kyle & District Health Centre208 3Rd Ave EKylePCF22-Oct2-4pm
Rosetown-ElroseHRT 1Rosetown & District Health Centre409 4 HwyRosetownHRT26-Oct4-8pm
Rosthern-ShellbrookPCF 1Whispering Pine Place - Canwood300 First AveCanwoodPCF20-Oct9-noon
Rosthern-ShellbrookPCF 2Mihiliwicz Assisted Living Care Home709 2nd Ave EShellbrookPCF20-Oct2-4pm
Rosthern-ShellbrookPCF 3Parkland Integrated Health Centre - Shellbrook100 Dr J L Spencer DrShellbrookPCF21-Oct10-3pm
Rosthern-ShellbrookPCF 4Spiritwood And District Health Complex400 1 St ESpiritwoodPCF20-Oct10-4pm
Rosthern-ShellbrookPCF 5Rose Gill Lodge205 First StRm Of Round Hill No. 467PCF21-Oct10-noon
Rosthern-ShellbrookPCF 6Hafford Special Care Centre213 South Ave EHaffordPCF20-Oct9-noon
Rosthern-ShellbrookPCF 7Wheatland Lodge - Leask971 Second St NLeaskPCF21-Oct9-noon
Rosthern-ShellbrookPCF 8Mennonite Nursing Home - Rosthern999999 11 HwyRm Of Rosthern No. 403PCF21-Oct9-5pm
Rosthern-ShellbrookPCF 9Valley Action Industries100 Wheatland CourtRosthernPCF20-Oct1-2pm
Rosthern-ShellbrookPCF 10Valley Action Industries412 5th AvenueRosthernPCF20-Oct2-3pm
Rosthern-ShellbrookPCF 11Valley Action Industries1708 1st AveRosthernPCF20-Oct3-4pm
Rosthern-ShellbrookHRT 1Parkland Integrated Health Centre - Shellbrook100 Dr J L Spencer DrShellbrookHRT26-Oct9-1pm
Rosthern-ShellbrookHRT 2Rosthern Union Hospital2016 2nd St SRosthernHRT26-Oct2-6pm
Saskatchewan RiversPCF 1Smeaton & District Care Home Co-Op Ltd.207 2 Ave NSmeatonPCF20-Oct2:30-4pm
Saskatchewan RiversPCF 2Big River Health Centre220 1st Ave NBig RiverPCF21-Oct10-noon
Saskatchewan RiversPCF 3Debden Heritage Manor Incorporated410 4 Ave WDebdenPCF22-Oct10-noon
Saskatoon CentrePCF 1Ashton Care Home438 Avenue Y NSaskatoonPCFCancelled
Saskatoon CentrePCF 2Blessed Life PCH406 Avenue R NSaskatoonPCF21-Oct2-3pm
Saskatoon CentrePCF 3Affordable Quality Care by L & L226 Avenue T NSaskatoonPCF23-Oct9:30-10:30am
Saskatoon CentrePCF 4Cayden's Premier Care Home Inc.236 Montreal Ave SSaskatoonPCF21-Oct1:30-3pm
Saskatoon CentrePCF 5Su-Rekha Care Centre113 Avenue Q NSaskatoonPCF22-Oct10-11:30am
Saskatoon CentrePCF 6Porteous Lodge 833 Avenue P NSaskatoonPCF23-Oct1:30-4pm
Saskatoon CentrePCF 7Oliver Lodge1405 Faulkner CresSaskatoonPCF21-Oct10am-noon
Saskatoon CentrePCF 8Central Haven Special Care Home 1020 Avenue I NSaskatoonPCF22-Oct1:30-4pm
Saskatoon CentrePCF 9Saskatoon Convalescent Home101 31st St WSaskatoonPCF21-Oct9:30-11:30am
Saskatoon CentrePCF 10The Palisades Retirement Residence (Assisted Living)514 23 St ESaskatoonPCF22-Oct1:30-3pm
Saskatoon CentreHRT 1St. Paul's Hospital1702 20th St WSaskatoonHRT26-Oct9-8pm
Saskatoon CentreHRT 2St. Paul's Hospital1702 20th St WSaskatoonHRT26-Oct9-8pm
Saskatoon Churchill-WildwoodPCF 1Preston Extendicare2225 Preston Avenue SouthSaskatoonPCF20-Oct1-5pm
Saskatoon Churchill-WildwoodPCF 2Stensrud Lodge2202 McEown AveSaskatoonPCF21-Oct9-2pm
Saskatoon EastviewPCF 1St. Anne's Nursing Home2910 Louise StSaskatoonPCF20-Oct9am-4
Saskatoon EastviewPCF 2Light of the Prairies Society Inc.1875 EasthillSaskatoonPCF21-Oct9am-9:30
Saskatoon EastviewPCF 3Cheshire Homes (Management)2901/2903/2905/2907 Louise StSaskatoonPCF21-Oct1pm-3
Saskatoon EastviewPCF 4Light of the Prairies Society Inc.2441 EastviewSaskatoonPCFCancelled
Saskatoon FairviewPCF 1Parkridge Centre - Saskatoon110 Gropper CresSaskatoonPCF20-Oct9-8pm
Saskatoon FairviewPCF 2Better Living Personal Care Home214 Whitecap CresSaskatoonPCF21-Oct10-11am
Saskatoon FairviewPCF 3Better Living Personal Care Home216 Whitecap CresSaskatoonPCF21-Oct1-2pm
Saskatoon FairviewPCF 4Kensington Gentle Care Home Ltd.202 Stromberg CrtSaskatoonPCFCancelled
Saskatoon MeewasinPCF 1Bethany Manor110 La Ronge RdSaskatoonPCF20-Oct9am-noon
Saskatoon MeewasinPCF 2Crystal Flowers855 Coppermine CresSaskatoonPCF20-Oct1pm-3pm
Saskatoon MeewasinPCF 3Light Of The Prairies Society Inc.1638 Edward AveSaskatoonPCF21-Oct9-10am
Saskatoon MeewasinPCF 4Luthercare Communities1904 Alexandra AveSaskatoonPCF21-Oct10:30am-12:30
Saskatoon MeewasinPCF 5Healthy Life Care Inc.327/333 La Ronge RdSaskatoonPCF21-Oct1pm-3pm
Saskatoon MeewasinHRT 1Saskatoon City Hospital701 Queen StSaskatoonHRT26-Oct9-8pm
Saskatoon MeewasinHRT 2Saskatoon City Hospital701 Queen StSaskatoonHRT26-Oct