Planning is underway for a provincial by-election in the constituency of Athabasca. No date has been announced, but it must be held before February 15, 2022. Here is the information you need to get ready: 

Register to vote

Vote by mail. Apply today!

Information for voters:

Advance voting dates and times (TBD)

Vote by mail newspaper ad 
Vote by mail household postcard
Vote by mail radio ad (English version) — (Cree version) — (Dene version)

Athabasca voter letter

Candidates (TBD)

Constituency map 
Constituency map with insets (La Loche, Clearwater River, Buffalo Narrows, Île-à-la-Crosse)

Homebound voter application

Posters (download, print, share):
Voting safely is our priority” — Safety measures we take inside voting places (Cree version)(Dene version) 
Voting is easy” — Here’s what happens inside a voting place (Cree version) — (Dene version

Proclamation (coming soon)

Returning office (TBD)

Voter eligibility and ID  

Information for workers:

Workers are needed for by-election day and 5 days of advance voting. Sign up online here or call 1-833-419-0141.

Poster (download, print, share): “Take Part. Get Paid” — Work the by-election

Information for candidates and political parties:

Athabasca poll keys

CEO Communiques to Chief Official Agents

Forms and guides

Information for media:

Historical by-election voter turnout compared to general elections

News releases