Final Count Results:

Poll by Poll Results

The Final Count of ballots cast in the provincial by-election for the constituency of Athabasca is complete. A total of 2,265 ballots were counted from 41 ballot boxes, a turnout of 24.4 per cent of the 9,277 registered voters in Athabasca. Final results:

Clint Arnason Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan (BPSK) 12 votes
Georgina Jolibois New Democratic Party (N.D.P.) 916 votes
Jim Lemaigre Saskatchewan Party 1,163 votes
Darwin Roy Independent 157 votes
Rejected Ballots   17


A total of 40 vote by mail ballot kits were mailed out for this event, and 27 were returned and included in the Final Count. Full results under the Final Count tab on the event results website at:

Timelines for counting were:

First Preliminary Count. A total of 37 ballot boxes were reported during the First Preliminary Count on by-election night, February 15. This was comprised of 29 regular polls, 6 advance polls and 2 mobile polls.

Second Preliminary Count. Additional polls were added for the Second Preliminary Count, February 17 consisting of all vote by mail ballots received by February 15.

Final Count. Took place February 28. This consisted of remaining vote by mail ballots received between February 16 and February 28, assisted telephone voting, absentee voting in the returning office and hospital voting, for a final total of 41 ballot boxes.

March 10 is the return of the writ. The Athabasca Returning Office in Beauval is now wound down.

This infographic here details the above three counts.

Constituency map 
Constituency map with insets (La Loche, Clearwater River, Buffalo Narrows, Île-à-la-Crosse)

Proclamation — all the dates, times, locations and details for the by-election
Note: Voting in Clearwater River took place at Clearwater Dene School cabin, 108 Central Avenue in Clearwater River

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Athabasca poll keys

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Historical by-election voter turnout compared to general elections

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