Below are samples of our advertising, signage, posters, guides and event icons we’re using in this fall’s provincial election.

Elections Saskatchewan does not oversee municipal elections, however we are offering our provincial election images and tools to any municipality to use for their November elections. Note these are only images and not actual PPE supplies or signage.

If you need a Vector file such as EPS, please email [email protected]

Paid advertising

Print (newspaper) Billboard/Outdoor  Social/Digital Radio/TV
Voting safely Voting safely Voting safely Vote by mail
Vote by mail Vote by mail Vote by mail  
Registration Registration Registration  
Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment  

Youth at the Booth (recruiting 16+ students)

Social/digital ad Poster 1
YatB Logo Poster 2

Poll location signage

physical distancing Stop. Do not exit this way.
please check in Thank you for voting
poll number  

Posters and guides

Get Ready to Vote By the numbers (infographic)
Get Ready to Vote (article) First Nations Voters Guide (South)
Vote Your Way First Nations Voters Guide (North)
Work the Election Work the Election 1
Work the Election 2 Work the Election 3
Work the Election 4 Youth at the Booth 1
Youth at the Booth 2 Voting is Easy

Event icons

ballot pencil marking an X
ballot and ballot box physical distancing (2 metres apart)
bring ID register to vote
disinfectant single-use pencils
election workers vote by mail envelope
hand sanitizer voter information card
mask vouching for another voter
mask and gloves Vote by mail hand image 1
Vote by mail hand image 2 Vote by mail hand image 3