Message from Dr. Michael Boda, Chief Electoral Officer, Province of Saskatchewan:

“I am very pleased to present Elections Saskatchewan’s renewed Strategic Plan—a plan that takes effect immediately and covers calendar years 2014 through 2016.

To be successful, an organization needs a roadmap that points the way to success. When integrated into ongoing management structures, a strategic plan focuses the energy, resources and time of everyone in an organization and allows steady progress toward commonly shared goals.

Developing, documenting and delivering a renewed strategic plan became essential for three reasons.

First, Elections Saskatchewan’s previous Strategic Plan (2005–2011) had expired prior to my appointment in June 2012.

Second, a full four years had passed between the release of the Hamilton Report (2009)—which had called for a fundamental overhaul of the structure and staff of Saskatchewan’s election management body—and the start of implementing the recommendations articulated in that report.

Finally, nearly all of the 13 full-time core staff of Elections Saskatchewan are new to their positions and to the world of electoral process management and administration.

The Strategic Plan described in this document represents a different way of thinking about strategic planning for Elections Saskatchewan. In addition to issuing a clear plan at the outset of the coming three-year period, we will return to it annually to ensure its continued relevance.

Fundamentally, this Strategic Plan will guide us as we establish annual objectives, key related activities and corresponding budget requests.

This plan represents the collective inputs, discussions and consensus agreements of the entire management team at Elections Saskatchewan. In taking this approach, it is meant to guide and define the work of our head office and field leadership teams over the coming three years of our provincial electoral agency’s history.

Before the end of 2016, we will develop a new Strategic Plan to replace this one and begin to map out the organization’s direction for the next electoral cycle. Until then, this plan defines our priorities until the 28th general election is fully concluded. It will form the basis of our organizational annual reporting and measurements of our success or shortfalls in achieving the strategic goals we have set.

As you review this document, I hope you see a clear, underlying commitment that Elections Saskatchewan is making to improve the delivery of every type of elections service it provides.”

A Strategic Plan for Saskatchewan’s Election Management Body 2014-2016