This issue of the Bulletin includes articles on:

  • Steps to Follow after the Close of Nominations
  • Follow Up: Media Consortium Correspondent in Your Office on Election Night


Steps to Follow After the Close of Nominations

Nominations closed Saturday March 19 at 2 p.m.  Immediately after the close of the nominations, the returning officer must send an email to that:

  • States the number of candidates nominated in the constituency;
  • Confirms that all nomination papers have been scanned and sent to head office;
  • Confirms that all information has been correctly entered into ESPREE;
  • Informs head office of when the printer plans to prepare a ballot proof; and

Please copy your Supervisory Returning Officer (SRO) on this e-mail. 

Head office staff are in place to review the candidate nomination information as soon as it is received from the Returning Officer (RO).  A confirmation e-mail instructing the RO to send the candidate information to the printer will be sent to each RO immediately after the head office review is completed.  It is important that the RO forward the information to the printer as soon as the confirmation is received from head office.

To ensure there will be sufficient time to print ballots, the RO should be available to review the ballot proof as soon as it is provided by the printer.  The RO must check to ensure:

Candidate Surnames are listed in alphabetical order

Candidate Surnames are all UPPERCASE (14 point Arial font)

Candidate given name or given names appear in upper and lower case, followed by initial or initials, each followed by a period, (unless otherwise requested by the candidate) followed by the candidate surname or surnames, whether hyphenated or not. (14 point Arial font)

Correct political affiliation of candidate appears in brackets and is centered below the name of the candidate. (8 point Arial font). 

Occupation of candidate appears centered beneath the political affiliation. (8 point Arial font)

Occupation is not contained inside brackets

Back of ballot contains the DRO signature square (all ballots came pre-printed as such)

Printers block appears on the back of the ballot paper (measurements will be proofed by ESK)


The RO does not need to check measurements as this will be done at head office. The ballot proof and a copy of a completed checklist should be sent to as soon as this work is completed.

Ballots have to be available for distribution to advance poll workers.  This means that ideally, you should have your ballots printed by Wednesday, March 23 but no later than Thursday, March 24.

Remember: Friday, March 25 is Good Friday and many businesses will be closed on Easter weekend.  Printers should be encouraged to set up the ballots, prepare proofs and start printing as soon as possible.

If there is any concern about the printer’s ability to fulfil his or her responsibilities on time, you must call the Support Desk immediately at 1-866-249-7186 and select option 3.

Additional instructions on what to do after the ballots are received from the printer will be provided in an upcoming Bulletin.


Follow Up: Media Consortium Correspondent in Your Office on Election Night

Earlier this week we asked you to identify a person who could fill this role for the Canadian Media Elections Consortium (CMEC). Here is the next step for you:

When you have a person for the correspondent position in your returning office, please email Dave Mathews with CMEC at by March 22 with the following correspondent details:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Mailing address
  • Cell phone number
  • Home number
  • Email address

For those returning officers who sent this information to Tim Kydd earlier this week, Tim has forwarded it to Dave so you do not need to re-send it.

Reminder: The correspondent’s assignment is for the CMEC only. They are not one of your workers on election night, nor can they work for any other media outlet or any political party while working as the CMEC correspondent.  This person is paid by CMEC, not by your office.

If you cannot find a person for this job, please notify Dave as soon as possible at so that he can hire a correspondent independently.