September 16, 2015
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Elections Saskatchewan (ESK) is happy to introduce the FLT to our new operations staff.

Linda Coomber-Bendtsen joins us as an Election Officer on a part-time basis. She has a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Development and Instruction. Previously she was an instructor at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Linda is currently reviewing training manuals and materials for field staff. Once she has completed her review, she will be helping Bonnie with processing and managing field staff payroll in ESPREE.

Linda Chelagat joins us as an Election Officer. Linda has a Master’s Certificate in Project Management and is also nearing the completion of her Master’s Degree in Public Policy. She has previous election leadership experience as a Returning Officer in Kenya. Linda is currently working on process mapping to ensure that all tasks and deliverables critical to carrying out the election are completed in the timeframes required.

May Fischer is joining us part-time as an Administrative Assistant. May most recently worked for Mosaic as a health and safety coordinator. May also has experience as an event planner and will be helping with the conference logistics for the upcoming Event Training sessions in February. She will also be assisting Kathy in completing the Pre-Writ review.

Amanda Sikora joins us part-time as an Administrative Assistant. Amanda previously worked as a high school teacher and currently runs her own business. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and a Bachelor of Education Degree. Amanda will be working with the warehouse staff to manage and coordinate the packing of elections supplies and kits that will be distributed to the returning offices.

I hope you can join ESK’s head office staff in welcoming these new members of the operations team.


Over half of the locations identified for returning offices have been confirmed as available at this time. Some returning officers are still continuing to search for returning office locations in their constituency. The goal is to have accessibility reviews completed by supervisory returning officers at the end of October. All returning offices are to be confirmed no later than the end of November. 

ROs who are continuing their search for locations are asked to notify Kathy Fiedelleck as soon as a possible location is identified. Kathy can be reached by phone at (306) 551-7565, or by email at


ESK has sent emails to all ROs with polling locations identified in the pre-writ assignment. ROs are to review and confirm the availability of all of the polling locations listed on the spreadsheet and update any missing information. Kathy Fiedelleck will review the polling locations once completed and follow-up individually with each RO. If you have any questions, please direct them to Kathy using the above contact information.


A review of Proclamation maps is currently being conducted at ESK’s head office. These maps will be distributed to returning officers later in the fall to review and sign off on when all the information is confirmed as correct. Maps will be printed for distribution closer to the writ period.