This issue of the Writ Period Bulletin for Field Leadership Team includes the following articles:

  • Possible Recount After Final Count;
  • Returning Election Materials to Elections SK and Vacating Office Space;
  • Field Leadership Team Assessment Survey; and
  • Save the Date: Debrief Conference in Moose Jaw.

Possible Recount After Final Count

Now that the final count has been completed, candidates may apply for a recount. Any candidate who wishes to apply for a recount must do so to the Court of Queen’s Bench within 10 days after the final count, or by Tuesday, April 26.

If you become aware that any candidate or business manager intends to request a recount, you must contact the Support Desk immediately at 1-866-249-7186, select option 3 and ask to speak to Jeff Kress.

If a judicial recount will be conducted in a particular constituency, the returning officer will receive prior training in recount procedures.  Elections Saskatchewan has developed a Guide to Ballot Recounts and Additions. This guidebook contains useful background material to assist you in understanding the recount process under The Election Act, 1996.

Returning Election Materials to Elections SK and Vacating Office Space

Starting Monday, April 18, vendors will be visiting each returning office to pick up furniture, computers, and other forms of office equipment. Elections SK will be in contact with each of you regarding the specific vendor pickup schedule for your constituency.

Section 172 of The Election Act, 1996 mandates that any supplies sent to returning officers for the purpose of conducting an election (ballot boxes, envelopes, paper, etc.) shall not be returned to Elections SK until 10 days following final count. These supplies will need to remain in your returning office until Wednesday, April 27, 2016.

It is vital, however, that each RO have their supplies completely packed and ready to load into monotainers prior to April 27 in order to help make the process a little more efficient. On April 12, 2016, you each received an email from Amanda Sikora regarding packing up and returning election supplies to Elections SK. Please refer to Amanda’s email for specific instructions, and contact her – either by email at or by phone at 306-519-0060 – if you have any questions.

Save the Date: Debrief Conference in Moose Jaw

Elections SK will be holding a post-election debrief conference in Moose Jaw from June 23 to 24, 2016. Details regarding this conference will be sent to member of the Field Leadership Team in the coming weeks.

FLT Post-Election Survey

Early next week, all Returning Officers, Election Clerks, Supervisory Returning Officers and Deputy Supervisory Returning Officers will be asked to complete an online survey about the election process. This survey, and ultimately the opinions and thoughts of the Field Leadership Team, are a key component of Elections Saskatchewan’s overall assessment project.

You will each receive an email with a link to the survey in your Elections Saskatchewan email. The email will be from Jason Disano (Jason is the Director of the Social Sciences Research Laboratory at the University of Saskatchewan) and the email address will be

Completing the entire survey should take between 15 and 30 minutes. All survey results will be anonymous and combined with other results to identify trends and areas that we did well in and areas that can be improved. These survey results will help shape the discussions and topics at our post-election Conference of Saskatchewan Election Officials.