Final Results

After the completion of the Final Count, Nathaniel Teed of the New Democratic Party (N.D.P.) remains the successful candidate. The final results, including Vote by Mail, Hospital, and Extraordinary Voting ballots, are shown below:

Mark Friesen

Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan


Jacklin Andrews

Saskatchewan Green Party


Nathaniel Teed

New Democratic Party


Jeff Walters

Saskatchewan Liberal Party


Kim Groff

Saskatchewan Party


Rejected Ballots



Turnout, as a percentage of registered voters, was 39.4 percent. In the 2020 general election, turnout as a percentage of registered voters, was 56.27 percent.

Consistent with past by-elections, I will place the poll-by-poll results from this by-election onto our website as soon as we can produce the results file. Past events have shown that we typically have the results ready and available about one month after polling day. Therefore, you can expect to see poll by poll results from the Meewasin by-election before the end of October 2022. I will be in touch on the day the results are posted online.

Dr. Michael Boda
Chief Electoral Officer
Province of Saskatchewan