Another milestone for the Saskatoon Meewasin by-election has been reached. Yesterday, the returning officer and election clerk completed the final count. See below for information on the final results of the by-election.

Final Results

With the completion of the final count, we now have final results for the constituency of Saskatoon Meewasin by-election. The winning candidate, Ryan Meili of the N.D.P., remains unchanged. The final results include ballots cast by absentee voters as well as those cast at the Saskatoon City Hospital poll.

The final vote counts are as follows:

  • Ryan Meili, N.D.P. – 2,723
  • Brent Penner, Saskatchewan Party – 2,004
  • Darrin Lamoureux, Liberal Party – 183
  • David Prokopchuk, P.C. Party – 64
  • Shawn Setyo, Green Party – 53

There were also nine rejected ballots counted during the by-election. Voter turnout, as a percentage of registered voters was 41.55 percent, while it drops slightly to 39.65 percent when compared against eligible voters. These numbers will again change slightly when election materials are returned to our office after the return to the writ and we process registrations that were made at the time of voting.

Final results have been posted to our website at On the top of the page, you should see tabs that will allow you to switch between the final and the preliminary results. On this page, you’ll also find information on the breakdown of the ballot boxes reported on in this election, which I also provided in my last communique to you on March 9, 2017.

While you are on that page, I would also draw your attention to a link on the upper right hand corner called “Understanding by-election voter turnout.” We have compiled information on turnout percentages from recent by-elections in the province and compared it to turnout numbers from the previous general election (to ensure constituency boundaries are the same in both events). As you would expect, by-elections traditionally have lower turnout than what is seen in general elections.

Thanks again,

Dr. Michael Boda
Chief Electoral Officer
Province of Saskatchewan


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