Proclamation & Important Reminders

Election Proclamation

Legislation requires Elections Saskatchewan to complete and make an election proclamation available. While the proclamation may not be as useful as it once was, it remains a valuable source of information on an election event.

The attached proclamation lists all voting locations and times for by-election day and advance voting. It also includes information on other voting opportunities, such as hospital voting and personal care facility voting.

Reminders – Deadlines

A brief reminder of two upcoming deadlines.

Thursday, September 8 – Deadline for RPPs to confirm or update their information in accordance with section 226 of The Election Act, 1996. This can be done using the E-515 form, which is attached and can also be found here:

Saturday, September 10 at 2 p.m. – Nomination Deadline. Your candidate should make an appointment with the Returning Officer to review and submit their nomination papers well in advance of this deadline. There is no ability to extend this deadline so please ensure this process is underway.

Updated Candidate Representative Guide

Given the changes that will take place during this by-election due to the technology in use at advance voting locations, we have updated and edited our E-418 Guide for Candidate Representatives. The updated guide includes information on what candidate representatives can and cannot do at voting locations including those which have technology deployed. 

The E-418 can be found here:

Candidate and Party Election Expense Returns

While candidate and party election expense returns are not typically top of mind at the beginning of the writ period, I want to ensure you and your candidates (and their business managers) are aware well in advance of these deadlines.

The deadline for candidates to file their election expense return will be on Tuesday, December 27. Given the Christmas season, we will be encouraging candidates and business managers to complete their return early.

The deadline for registered political parties to file their election expense return will be Monday, March 27. This will likely overlap with the time you typically spend preparing your party’s annual fiscal period return.

Due to the timing of these two deadlines, I will be issuing several reminders and we will strongly encourage that these tasks be completed in advance of the deadlines.

Dr. Michael Boda
Chief Electoral Officer
Province of Saskatchewan