I wanted to be in contact before the Good Friday holiday in order to provide you with some important information related to the Revised Voters List. The list will be distributed starting at 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 26.

Revised Voters List – Information for Parties

The Revised Voters List will be available to Registered Political Parties on March 26 in the early afternoon. All additions to the list and changes to voter information have been clearly marked.

The process for receiving the Revised Voters List will be much the same as for the Preliminary List. You can use our secure FTP site or pick up the list in-person at our head office.

  • If you are picking up the list in person, you will need to make an appointment with Jennifer Colin via email ([email protected]) for between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. on Saturday, March 26, as our building is not open to the public on weekends. We will meet you at the front door and provide you with a password protected copy of the list on a portable media device;
  • If you are using the FTP site, the revised list will be uploaded at 1 p.m. – the password to login to the site and the password encrypting the list will be the same as previously provided to those using this option.

If the person receiving the Revised List has signed an E-293 “Declaration to Protect the List of Electors,” they will not need to sign a new form. If this process has not been completed, then the E-293 will need to be submitted before the Revised List is released.

Revised Voters List – Information for Candidates

I know that your candidates will be looking to receive the voters lists for their constituency as well. Before offering instructions on how they will receive the list, I want to offer a few brief comments on its coverage. In the 2011 election, at the close of registration we had about 72 percent of eligible voters registered. As of right now, we believe our coverage rate is around 92 percent. Add in a general increase in population, and this means there are many more names on the list and in turn that the lists are many more printed pages than they were in 2011. This means that printing the lists (both for candidates and for election officials) will take much more time than in past years.

With this in mind, I would offer the following information that I would like you to pass along to your candidates:

  • Those candidates who received an electronic copy of the preliminary list will receive an email from [email protected] after 1 p.m. with the encrypted list and instructions for decrypting that list;
  • If a candidate previously received a paper copy, but would like to receive this list electronically, they should email [email protected] with their request including constituency and contact information. Once we have verified with the Returning Office that an E-293 has been completed they will receive the list;
  • Candidates who would prefer a paper copy of the revised list will be able to pick up one copy of the list after 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 26 at their local returning office. It would be appreciated if the candidate could make contact with the returning office and provide an approximate time that they will be coming to pick up the list. This will allow our field team to be fully prepared and will minimize waits.

Reminder – Returning Offices Closed Good Friday, March 25

All 61 Returning Offices will be closed on Good Friday, March 25. If you, your candidates or their business managers need assistance, our head office staff will be available throughout the work day. All Returning Offices will be clearly marked that they are closed for the holiday and will re-open at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 26.

For all of you, the Easter Weekend will be a busy one. That said, I hope you can find a little time to spend with your families.