Directives – SK’s 30th General Election

In mid-June, I provided you with a copy of my General Directive, containing high-level recommendations with respect to modernization for how our next election should be administered. As a reminder – during by-elections, the Chief Electoral Officer has the authority to direct the use of an alternative procedure, equipment, or technology but during a general election, the CEO can make recommendations, but the Board of Internal Economy (BOIE) must provide its approval.

It had been my hope that the General Directive would provide enough information to the BOIE for it to direct me on how our next election will be administered.  After hearing from BOIE members, however, it has become clear that additional detailed documentation will be required by the Board.  For this reason, I have drafted and submitted six proposed CEO Directives. I want to be clear that these documents have only been proposed and each must receive the approval of the BOIE before Elections Saskatchewan can prepare to implement them.  I have attached copies of each proposed CEO Directive along with my communication to the BOIE explaining the decisions necessary.

The contents of these six proposed Directives will not be a surprise to you as they clearly follow the outline provided in my General Directive and further, are very consistent with the framework I have been articulating for several years now. Thank you.


Dr. Michael Boda
Chief Electoral Officer
Province of Saskatchewan