New Polling Division Maps & Interpretation Bulletins

Updated Polling Division Maps Available

Over the past several months, I have kept you apprised of the progress of our polling division review project for the coming 29th General Election. Our original goal was to have shape files available by the end of this calendar year and hard copy maps available before the end of January 2020.

I am happy to report that this project has been completed ahead of schedule and both electronic (including shape files) and hard copy maps reflecting the new polling divisions are now available. You can find PDF versions as well as a link to download shape files on our website at We have also made one hard copy set for each registered political party – you can come by our office (301 – 3303 Hillsdale Street, Regina) to pick these up. You can also contact our office if you would prefer to have us ship the maps to you.

If you have questions, or would like the maps shipped to you, please contact Jordan Arendt, Director of IT, at [email protected] or 306.787.5768.  

Finalized Interpretation Bulletins

A few months back, I sent you a copy of ESKIB-2019/03 Advertising on the Internet, an interpretation bulletin offering detailed information on how to treat advertisements stemming from online platforms. As you know, we have been working on several other interpretation bulletins designed to increase clarity and understanding of our legislation in advance of the next election.

Attached you will find four additional interpretation bulletins. They are:

  • ESKIB-2019/01 Party vs. Candidate Expenses
  • ESKIB-2019/02 Advertising under Section 215
  • ESKIB-2019/04 Joint Advertising and Joint Agreements
  • ESKIB-2019/05 Alcohol and Cannabis as a Corrupt Practice.

You can also find these documents, as well as previously approved bulletins and directives, on our website at 

If you have questions, contact Jennifer Colin, Deputy CEO, at [email protected] or 306.787.4061.

Update on Audit Procedures

As discussed at our Annual Meeting back in June, Elections Saskatchewan has been working in conjunction with CPA Saskatchewan to improve guidance and provide clear expectations for auditors in conducting their audits of election expense returns.

We are pleased to report that significant process has been made in preparation of a new Guide for the Auditor of a Candidate in a Provincial Election. The revised guide will be available in the new year. We also anticipate that a streamlined process will be in place to verify that appointed or prospective auditors are licensed and qualified to conduct engagements in compliance with Section 222 of The Election Act, 1996 and CEODIR-2016-005, Qualifications of and Principles to be Applied by Auditor.


Dr. Michael Boda
Chief Electoral Officer
Province of Saskatchewan