Finalized Interpretation Bulletin, Polling Division Review, CEO Directives

Interpretation Bulletin – Advertising on the Internet

You will know that my office has been working on a variety of Interpretation Bulletins and CEO Directives to offer increased clarity and understanding of our legislation and processes in advance of the next election. While we will distributing most of these over the coming months, there is one that may have an impact on your planning for next year, so I wanted to provide it to you as soon as possible.

Attached is ESKIB-2019/03 Advertising on the Internet. This bulletin has an impact on the types of advertising expenses which are subject to the registered political party annual limit and which must be reported on your RPP annual return. In certain circumstances, you will be required to include advertising costs associated with YouTube, Facebook or other social media platforms if they meet the definition of a “broadcast.” This interpretation bulletin will also be available on our website at  

If you have questions or comments, please contact Jennifer Colin, Deputy Chief Electoral Officer (306.787.4061 or [email protected]).

Polling Division Review Update

A comprehensive review of polling divisions used in the last general election has been a key project for our team over the past six months. I am really pleased with the success of the project to-date. In terms of numbers, 52 percent of polling divisions used in the last election have been altered with the bulk of the changes being made in rural constituencies.

Province-wide, there will be 210 fewer polling divisions in use during the next election. One key goal was to reduce travel time for voters and, based on our calculations, we have reduced the total overall distance voters will have to travel by 110,000 kms and reduced travel time by over five minutes in some constituencies. I believe that these changes will have a significant impact on voter travel times and voter convenience.

Shape files for the new polling divisions will be published by the end of the calendar year. New maps reflecting the changes will be available to registered political parties in early 2020.

CEO Directive Review

As we have been doing with interpretation bulletins, I would like to share a number of CEO Directives with you for comment. Attached you will find seven directives for your review. They are:

  • Authorized By on Social Media
  • CEODIR-2018-001 – Goods and Supplies from Previous Elections
  • CEODIR-2018-002 Goods Purchased but Not Used
  • CEODIR-2018-004 Expenses Incurred Outside of Election Period
  • CEODIR-2018-005 Donations in Kind of $200 or Less
  • Crowdfunding for Collection of Political Contributions
  • Cryptocurrency

Please note that these directives are still in draft form and may change in content (based on your feedback), format and numbering/sequence. Following your review and subsequent revisions (if needed), my office will finalize these and provide them to you in the same manner as the earlier-referenced Interpretation Bulletin. Should you have questions, please contact Jennifer at the information listed above. If you have feedback, please provide it by October 15, 2019. 

Thanks for your attention to these important matters. I look forward to working with you more closely over the coming year as we all prepare for the next provincial general election.


Dr. Michael Boda
Chief Electoral Officer
Province of Saskatchewan