Candidate Spreading of Information & Update on Voting in PBCN Communities

Candidate Dissemination of Information – Curbside Voting

It has come to my attention that several candidates for election have been promoting curbside voting for individuals with COVID-19 or their close contacts. Curbside voting is NOT an option for anyone who has been instructed to self-isolate and candidates must stop promoting this. Any social media promotion, including Tweets and Facebook posts, must be removed immediately. The processes described are not consistent with the procedures that Elections Saskatchewan has discussed and reviewed with the Office of the Chief Medical Health Officer. These posts could increase the risk of spreading COVID-19 in our communities.

The processes described are also not consistent with the training and instruction we have provided to our Returning Officers and election officials. Again, these posts must be removed immediately as they are going to create confusion for voters and election officials. Individuals with COVID-19 or their close contacts must abide by the instructions they are given by the Saskatchewan Health Authority including, if applicable, a requirement to self-isolate.

Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation Communities – Update

Last week I provided you with information on how voting would need to take place in Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation communities. There have been further changes that will make it easier for voters to cast their ballot. Not all, but many election day polls will be reinstated.  

On October 20, Chief Peter Beatty and Council lifted travel restrictions regarding a lockdown in all Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation communities, except for Southend. Working with public health officials, Chief Beatty and Council have advised Elections Saskatchewan that regular election day polls can now be safely reinstated in communities where the lockdown is no longer in effect. Any eligible voter who has not already applied for Extraordinary Voting can attend these polls.

The following polls are scheduled to be open on Election Day, October 26:

Type of Poll

Poll Location


Irene Olson Memorial School, Kinasao First Nation

21, 22, 23

Community Band Hall, Pelican Narrows First Nation

24, 25

Gary Morin Memorial Hall, Sandy Bay


Joe Michel Recreation Centre, Sturgeon Landing

36A, 36B

Deschambeault Lake Band Office, Deschambeault Lake

*Poll 2 in Kinasao will operate as a mobile poll due to the travel time required to get to the community. All residents will be contacted and asked if they wish to vote before the election officials leave the community.

Eligible voters in these communities who are not subject to lockdown orders can also vote at advance polls in Creighton and Lac La Ronge through Saturday, October 24. For those voters who applied to vote through Extraordinary Voting, the process will not change – their ballots are on their way and will delivered to their house and then picked up.

This information is being actively communicated to residents of Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation communities. We will issue a “SaskAlert” notification to the area and I will inform your candidates by letter later today.

To be frank, arranging and rearranging voting locations during the writ period four days before election day is not my preference. That said, COVID-19 has forced compromises and a need for flexibility on us. 

RPP Briefing – Counting of Ballots

Earlier today we sent you an invitation to a briefing on how ballots will be counted and results reported over the coming days and weeks. The briefing will be held tomorrow from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. over GoToMeeting. Consistent with past events, please feel free to invite an additional member of your team.

We held a similar briefing for members of the media this afternoon to ensure these key messages are communicated to the voting public well in advance of results becoming public on election night. These briefings are especially critical for this election because the ballot counting process will be different from past events and results may not be final on election night. I strongly encourage you and another member of your team to attend to ensure that you can share this message throughout your party.

Counting Ballots – Advance & PCF Polls

Advance poll ballots are typically counted at the same location in which they were cast. If any advance poll ballots will not be counted in the same location as which they were cast, we will inform you and your candidates. Personal Care Facility ballots will be counted at the returning office unless we inform you otherwise – space for physical distancing may be a factor. Your candidates will be informed so that they can send representatives to observe the count if they wish.

Advance Voting Turnout Numbers

Finally, just a note to comment on our advance voting turnout numbers. On Tuesday, 41,527 voters cast their ballots, and on Wednesday that number increased to 43,409. This brings us to a two total of 84,936. In our 2016 election, 110,716 voters cast their ballot at an advance poll – barring a dramatic downturn today, we will overtake those numbers in only three days.

While I have heard anecdotally about small lineups, I believe that voting is proceeding smoothly throughout the province. If you or your candidates have specific concerns, please bring them to my attention.

All the best through the coming days.


Dr. Michael Boda
Chief Electoral Officer
Province of Saskatchewan