Agenda for June 11 RPP Meeting

Annual RPP Meeting – Agenda

On Tuesday, June 11, we will gather for our annual meeting between Registered Political Parties and Elections Saskatchewan. This will be our seventh annual meeting and I must say that this is an event I look forward to every year.

Attachedyou will find our agenda for the day. We’ll start with an overview of some of the items being worked on by our Operations team in preparation for the next general election before moving into the realm of political finance with a session on auditing candidate election returns. I believe its important that our registered political parties have a good understanding of what Elections Saskatchewan is working on and also why, and what benefits we envision when we introduce changes and modifications to processes.

Then, we have Dr. Michael Atkinson (University of Saskatchewan) and Dr. Jim Farney (University of Regina) joining us to discuss how political parties are viewed in the media. I trust you will find this session interesting and informative.

Following lunch, we will focus in on the topic of cyber security. First, Jordan Arendt, our Director of IT, will offer some practical considerations on political party use of technology and the need for security. Then, I am pleased to say that we will be joined by Dr. Michael Pal from the University of Ottawa. Dr. Pal will speak to us on emerging digital threats to elections.

If you have any questions in the lead up to our meeting, please feel free to contact me, or if your questions are more logistical in nature, you may wish to contact Noel Selinger at [email protected] or 306.519.8397. I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.


Dr. Michael Boda
Chief Electoral Officer
Province of Saskatchewan