Voting is a cornerstone of our democracy. The April 4 provincial election was your opportunity to cast a ballot for who you wanted to represent you in government.

Find My Constituency

There are 61 constituencies in Saskatchewan.

Voter registration

Voter registration for the April 4 election is now closed.


Maps for the April 4 provincial election.

Ways to vote

There were many ways to vote in the April 4 election

Find my MLA

Who is my MLA? How are they elected? What are their roles?

How elections work

All about the "first past the post" system we use in Canada, and much more.

ID to vote

ID that was acceptable for the April 4 election

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I vote? How do I register? Common questions about voting and more.

Students and youth

Parents, teachers and future voters can find helpful resources and links.


How we made voting easier and more accessible

Voters Guides, Ads, Posters

Proclamations, writs and more election education materials.