As a result of an MLA resignation, a provincial by-election will be held in Regina Northeast on September 12, 2018.

Interested in working the by-election? If you haven’t expressed your interest yet, sign up here today.

Information for voters:

Advance voting dates and times

Candidates (will be posted here once nomination papers are received by Elections SK)

Constituency map (basic, poll key, shapefile)

Proclamation (TBD)

Register to vote

Returning office

Voter eligibility

Ways to vote (including applications for Homebound and Absentee voting)

Who can vote and ID to bring

Information for candidates and political parties:

CEO Communiques to Chief Official Agents

Forms and guides

Poll Key and Urban Street Index

Information for media:

By-election calendar

Historical by-election voter turnout

Historical general election voting turnout

News releases