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Jobs on Election Day

Coordinating a provincial election is a huge undertaking. The April election will be the largest electoral event in our province’s history. To make it possible for the estimated 815,000 eligible voters to cast a ballot, Elections Saskatchewan is hiring 10,000 election day workers to serve at 1,700 voting locations across the province.

There are many jobs at voting locations for the April 4 election. You may have had experience with one of these jobs in the past, or worked in a similar role for the federal election on October 19.

Information Officer

Greets voters, asks if they have their voter information cards and ID, and directs them to their polling division.

Deputy Returning Officer

Responsible for the ballot box, checks voters’ ID and gives each eligible voter a ballot.

Poll Clerk

Checks voters off the registered voters list, and enters them in the poll book.

Registration Officer

Registers eligible voters who are not on the voters list.

Security Officers

Ensures voters stay within the polling location and don’t wander into other areas of the building.


Picks up and delivers items between voting places.

Supervisory Deputy Returning Officers

Makes sure everything runs smoothly in some larger voting places.

Take a moment to learn about the jobs available to you for April 4, 2016.