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Election Management Bodies

Election Management Bodies (or EMBs) are the independent, nonpartisan institutions responsible for neutral election administration within a democratic jurisdictions. They organize and coordinate elections. In Saskatchewan, voters have three EMBs that are responsible for elections at various levels of government. Here’s a run down:


Elections Saskatchewan (ESK) is responsible for organizing electoral events (like elections, by-elections, and referenda) at the provincial level. These electoral events affect the provincial government, by electing new Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) or impose public decisions on the legislature. There is an EMB like ESK in every province and territory. The next provincial general election in Saskatchewan is scheduled for April 4, 2016.


Elections Canada is responsible for organizing electoral events at the federal level, such as electing Members of Parliament (MPs) that represent Canadians in Ottawa. Elections Canada operates in every part of Canada, but does not preside over provincial or territorial level electoral events. Elections Canada has the largest base of voters to serve of any EMB in the country, but it is not responsible for the smaller EMBs. Elections Saskatchewan does not report to Elections Canada; they are separate organizations. Elections Canada was responsible for coordinating the October 19, 2015 federal election.


Your local municipality (rural or urban) is responsible for organizing electoral events for your municipality and the school boards that serve your community. The municipality’s Clerk is often responsible for coordinating elections. Groups of municipalities will hold their elections on the same day; for example, all urban municipalities will coordinate their election for the same day. The provincial government is responsible for legislating when and how municipal elections will occur through the Ministry of Government Relations. Cities and (southern) towns and villages will go to the polls for municipal elections on October 26, 2016.


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